Tips to catching sharks?

#1 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (3956 posts) -

So at the moment I've been 0/5 when it comes to shark hunting. Is there a trick to this or am I missing something here? For some reason after they snag I hit the button to reel in and they always run away. Am I just not quick enough?

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You're just not quick enough. I find it almost impossible to catch a shark by looking and watching for the bobber to drop; I've found it is actually a hell of a lot easier if you completely ignore the screen, and learn to catch fish by sound. It takes some practice, but you can catch a shark almost every time doing it this way. Give it a shot.

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You have to use sound to catch them. Visual queues don't work. I can catch them with my DS facing away from me now. It just takes a lot of practice. You literally have to hit the button as the sound is playing for most of the sharks.

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I was having this problem until I read you should shut your eyes and wait for the loud plunk to hit the button. I rarely miss them now, although if their first move is a bite they usually get away.

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They're tough to catch. Just keep trying and eventually you'll get it.

I hate missing them, though.

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Cool thanks for the tips, did the whole closing the eyes and listen for the sound and caught myself a hammerhead shark.

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Close your eyes once its got your bobbers attention, then rely on sound. Ever since I started doing that I haven't missed a single shark.

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Not sure if this applies to you, but try to make the physical movement of pressing the button as slight as possible. Rest your thumb on the button such that a very slight amount of pressure will trigger it, and make sure you're not making an unnecessarily exaggerated movement. The sound is important, but I don't think you need to go to lengths like closing your eyes to consistently catch fish. I forget exactly how the animation plays out (that is, whether or not the sound starts before the animation), but you may actually be handicapping yourself by not having the benefit of vision.

I've noticed that I'll sometimes subconsciously assume the fish will bite on a specific bob. Don't do that -- assume that any bob could be the bite.

Also, if you're playing right before bed, that's not doing your reflexes any good.

(That concludes today's hot Animal Crossing pro tips.)

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I've thought about doing it by sound, but hadn't tried it yet. Good to know it might be the best way.

Otherwise, it was mostly luck for me. I was just gambling on when he would bite and press it as soon as he touched it. Not a great method, since it's mostly luck.

#10 Posted by penguinaimee (2 posts) -

Hello I am trying to catch the sharks but I read the comments. Unfortunately for me because I am not able to hear the sounds. It will take me practicing long time without hearing the sounds. It wii be nice for me to get the gifts or buying them.

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