Town Tune Simulator

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I've already been messing with this for the past few days. It's pretty neat what you can come up with.

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Doesn't work for me. The notes flash red when I click play but`I get no tones.

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I can't wait for the Bioforge flute theme to appear somewhere here so I can put it into my town.

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@wemibelec90: Unfortunately the game won't let you add accidentals making the Bioforge flute theme impossible.

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The lack of accidentals in Animal Crossing town tunes has always bothered me.

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I can't wait for the Bioforge flute theme to appear somewhere here so I can put it into my town.

I attempted it above, but as mentioned, without flats you just can't do it properly.

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Double Dragon: Mission 1

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I have this Game of Thrones one at the moment.

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From my town, a little Bad Moon Risin':

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Halloween Theme for your town tune....

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Zelda's Song of Time:

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Site is having 500 internal errors.

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I am terrible at this. If anyone could help me make the part at 0:13 of this I would be grateful.

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My attempt at a Giant Bomb related tune.

If only you were allowed twice the space, I'd use this: Part 1, Part 2

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