Friend Codes

#1 Posted by atheistium (421 posts) -

Looking for people to go online with on Animal Crossing: WW.

FC AC: 0216-3090-7929
town: internet
name: Lauren

#2 Posted by Gizmo (5468 posts) -

Alas Lauren, I traded in my DS to buy Mercenaries 2.... Sad face;(

#3 Posted by Nude_Dude (1088 posts) -

If I ever get a wi-fi connection...I'll probably add you.

#4 Posted by conversebro (2 posts) -

I want to play with you and anyone else
FC : 5370-1082-9806
Town : Fallen
Name : Ryen

#5 Posted by joseffthered (98 posts) -

FC: 2709-7748-9277

Town: London

Name: Joe

#6 Posted by JJOR64 (19512 posts) -

@joseffthered: You know this thread is over 3 years old right?

#7 Posted by jeffrud (470 posts) -


FC: 1550-6003-8891

Name: Han Solo

Town: Cascadia

And we're taking callers right now!

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