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Life sucks. Virtual life, on the other hand, is great 0

All too often these days, games are attempting to push the boundaries of the industry by either shocking their target audience or introducing some never-before-seen-but-actually-pretty-lame innovation. Most new releases will tend to fall into one of these two categories. Games like Grand Theft Auto and God Of War offer mutilation and other depravities in abundance, while serial updates (particularly EA sports sims) seem to find it necessary to bring in a gimmick with every annual instalment. And...

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Nintendo Releases The Same Game For The Third Time 0

Although Animal Crossing:Wild World is more different from the Gamecube version than the Gamecube version was from the Japan-only N64 version, they're still basically the same game. You move to a new town as the only human in a land full of animals, are put into mortgage slavery by Tom Nook without your consent, and spend the rest of your days paying off your mortgage, catching bugs and fish, talking to animals of one of six personalities, and filling out your item catalogue. This is fun for a w...

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Animal Crossing: Wild World, A Land of Opportunities 0

Introduction Animal Crossing for those who haven't played the Gamecube version is a very, very cute Sim, and the game is all about customization you grow your town you make your own clothes and you place all different things inside your house. Story In Animal Crossing you are but one person moving away from your hometown for a sea change if you will. You start in a cab where you answer alot of questions that will decide your name, name of your city, where your house is and many other thing...

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Improving on the small screen(s) 0

I was one of the many that got AC on the GameCube on it's release date, and played it constantly. Something so addicting about it that keeps you coming back that you can't explain, a small charm that games such as Harvest Moon and The Sims have that you can't put your finger on. Animal Crossing was a great game, and it gets a great adaptation on the DS. There are a huge set of changes for the better, that makes the game run and flow just that much better. It can be little things, such as when ...

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It's a wild world. 0

Animal Crossing has finally come to the DS. But this is the best Animal Crossing compared to the other ones. I'll tell you why... You arrive at your destination, you're broke you need a house when suddenly a man gives you an offer. You can have a small house, and pay him back 18,000 bells when you have the money. That's all dandy, but then there's another alternative, you don't ever have to pay him back, you can live in your small house or pay him back and make your house bigger. Anyway you're ...

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Fun for a year or two, but will lose its appealing factor. 0

Animal Crossing: Wild World will have you in many different stages throughout its lifetime. First you will have to make the leap to buy the game after getting over the fact the game looks a tad childish, you'll then put the cartridge in and play for hours thinking this is the best game ever. Finally, after about a year or so, you'll realise the game is getting a tad tedious and a chore to play.At the start of the game you are riding in a taxi and the driver is questioning you on things such as y...

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As wild as a mortgage payment 0

At first, Animal Crossing was pretty fun, even somewhat addictive. I liked the townspeople and it was cool to see what furniture would be in the store the next day. However, it didn’t take long before everything just became mind-numbing repetition. Even if you strategize (if you can call it that), it still all boils down to the same daily tasks. Eventually, anything I liked about the game was just worn out of me until it deteriorated into annoyance bordering on resentment. The main feature of t...

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Animal Crossing: Wild World 0

The folks at Nintendo kindly offered us some handheld action for this popular life-simulation franchise, but is Animal Crossing: Wild World worth your time? First Impressions: At first, Wild World seemed to have enough new content to create an interest in this sequel. The town has nice new features such as; Donations, Coffee shop, Nook Improvements ( Hair cuts, anyone?), and not having to send fossils away was a definite improvement from the Gamecube version. Saving has become much easier, you c...

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Animal Crossing Wild World Review 0

Animal Crossing: Wild World is a lot like the original. It has you moving to a new town and making it great. While getting new tools, clothes and making your house better. But a few things have changed. First, there are no NES games. Was it because of the Classic NES Series of GBA games, or the Virtual Console, or cart limitations, or that Nintendo like messing with our minds, I don't know. There is also a coffee shop in the museum wher K.K. Slider plays songs on Saturdays. This Game also adds t...

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