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Animal Crossing: Wild World, A Land of Opportunities

Animal Crossing for those who haven't played the Gamecube version is a very, very cute Sim, and the game is all about customization you grow your town you make your own clothes and you place all different things inside your house.

In Animal Crossing you are but one person moving away from your hometown for a sea change if you will. You start in a cab where you answer alot of questions that will decide your name, name of your city, where your house is and many other things. When you arrive you have no money but never fear the local friendly raccoon (Tom Nook) can give you a hand, in what seems a desperate attempt to bring in more tourist he has already built your house for you and all you have to do is pay for it in a mortgage but with no weekly/yearly/monthly payments or interest, all you have to do is pay it back whenever you feel. The rest of the story is pretty much up to you whether you use your money to pay off your mortgage to get a bigger house or to buy furniture, plant trees or even make clothes and hats its up to you!

The gameplay in Animal Crossing is all but linear, the customization exceeds almost any other game I have ever played for example: you can place a paddling pool inside your house or you could place a mountain bike, pool table, 100 different plants, a snowboard or a flamingo just to name a few. You can buy and plant trees, flowers anywhere in your village just to pretty the place up, you can fish for over 40 different types of fish, you can collect shells, catch bugs even hunt for fossils. Giving you a lot of possibilities but it isn't only you that changes the town shop will upgrade and the town will adapt according to seasons. This all sounds fine and dandy but all the stuff that i have mentioned will last you maybe 10 play hours and for me the game seems to lose almost all meaning fishing and collecting shells becomes a chore and your house is full so quickly you find your almost constantly trying to pay off the mortgage for a new house but after about 25 hours I am still plying. why? Really I don't know i think maybe those cute faces are addictive....

The merry tunes in Animal Crossing will never tire, just bouncing around your town too the gimmicky little tunes is lots of fun and the sounds change depending on event a little feature this version of Animal crossing has is called town tunes in it you get one octave of notes and two bars to make your own little event tune, for those who dont know what event tunes are there the little jingles that happen when you catchy a fish or pay off a mortgage or get stung by a bee

In Multiplayer you can visit other peoples towns and/or they can visit your town, you can go fishing together or collect shells whatever you want I personally have not experienced this myself so its not fair that I give a point of view but the multiplayer doesn't seem to be a big variant on the normal game, so if you were expecting so thing new and different from multiplayer the you will be sadly mistaken

Its Animal Crossing and its brilliant!!......but it can get tiring and often you wait 3 days to finally buy a shovel from the store really take away from the fun but still it leaves a very good DS game with Wifi.

in those famous words, You Gotta Love That

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Posted by Reasonableman

Brodude, you forgot to actually rate it anything.

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