So I had this idea today...

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So I had this idea today while I was at work. When the new generation of Wii consoles ship in a few years, there are obviously a few features that Nintendo will keep on their to-do list, such as retaining support for Mii's and your VC and WiiWare purchases.  
So what if one of the prepackaged games (internally memorized I would hope) were to be the next generation of Animal Crossing. Similar in effect to the Playstation Home feature, the Animal Crossing world could act as a sort of secondary hub in which to access your Wii based features, send mail, create and interact with Mii's, edit pictures, and play your VC games. You're photos could be framed and hung on the wall, you could hook up a virtual Neo Geo console to a television and play Samauri Showdown, or visit the towns of people on your friends list and chop down all their trees. By buying a copy of No More Heroes 9 or whatnot, Travis Touchdown moves into your town and opens a t-shirt stand.     Not only would this add a spark of life to a franchise Nintendo has managed to bury in obscurity, but it would also add a full online component to the company, which I feel it desperately needs. 
What say you, Giantbomb users.
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...Man, I hate my life.
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it would be cool; if it was free though. 

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