ANNO 2070 Quick Look?

#1 Posted by DrSwank (509 posts) -

I really hope the guys quick look ANNO 2070. I've heard amazing things about it. I played the previous ANNO 1404, and am excited to see how the future tech changes the game. Has anyone heard if they are going to cover it?

#2 Posted by DrSwank (509 posts) -

I guess that means no quick look lol

#3 Posted by Animasta (14827 posts) -

contact dave I think

#4 Posted by Branwulf (435 posts) -

I got it when it came out, I haven't had time to play more than a few missions but it's been pretty good so far, I didn't play the previous games in the series so i couldn't compare them.

#5 Posted by Gav47 (1583 posts) -

I too would like to see this.


#6 Posted by Subjugation (4826 posts) -

This sounds like a Dave quick look. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

#7 Posted by koriar (20 posts) -

Just wanted to add my voice to the swarm. A Quick Look of this would be awesome.

#8 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -

I thought Dave mentioned something about the DRM on it causing some issues or something.

#9 Posted by DrSwank (509 posts) -

@kalmis said:

I thought Dave mentioned something about the DRM on it causing some issues or something.

Oh bummer! :( Thanks y'all for the replies!

#10 Posted by ADAMWD (692 posts) -

@drewmaw: I asked Dave on Twitter on yesterday if we'd get a QL of the game.

Here's his response:!/enemykite/status/143745341995483138

So, lets hope they can squeeze it in now that we're through with the big releases.

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