Anno Wii - First Hands-On (sounds good so far)

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There's a first hands-on of the game in a german Wii magazin (Anno is being developed by Germany-based Keen games). As the DS Anno game was never released in the states, I guess most of you have never played, or even heard of it. A shame, really.

It's among the best DS games there are, and a brilliant RTS / economics game.

 Not a lot of new info on the Wii Anno, but what is there sounds very promising:

- Set in 1404
- Story and ingame conversation has voice-overs throughout
- The graphics difference is comparable to that between TF and TF2 - more cartoony, more stylized.
- The controls were one of the first thing that they worked on. They are similar to the DS version with context-oriented ring menus (which is a good thing).
- three difficulty levels
- three zoom levels
- they praised the learning curve, controls and graphics
- The level of complexity is equal to that of "Dawn of Discovery", i.e. simplifications in trade and military systems (which is a good thing).

I have played some of the Annos, and the DS version is absolutely amazing. If you have the chance to try it, do so. And keep an eye out for this game.

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The debut trailer:


It's a Wii game advertisement, so it has that family tone to it, but it looks just like an improved "Dawn of Discovery", i.e. pure awesomess.
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I just wish they had better art style. The engine looks nice, the visuals clean, I hope the gameplay is just as nice, but it's not really eye catching. I think the DS game looks more charming.

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I think the game looks very nice in motion. The story sequences aren't that great, but it's not like they're an important or lengthy  part of the game.

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Does look very nice. The zoom in from all the way above is quite cool.

I checked your guide for that other anno game and it mentions miliary features? So are there are actual skirmishes here, even if it's not the main focus? From this trailer it seems there are no real "opponents" almost like a Sim City game.

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There are skirmishes, attacks and battles all right. Military is an essential part of the game, it's just toned down when compared to the PC Annos. I don't know how this is in the Wii version, but the preview mentions pirates, so I guess that's also the same.

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I played the 1701 Anno demo on my PC and have been wanting to pick up the game. I've read about the DS version and was hoping they would bring it to the Wii. Thanks for the info.

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Sweet then, interest peaking :)

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It seems that battles are what interests people, so here a quick overview about the violent side of the DS Anno game, which I guess is pretty similar to what the Wii version will be:

  • You do not play just so you can build huge, powerful armies. Your job is to build a working economy and infrastructure. Building an army is easy - but to be able to support that army and not drive your colonies into ruin by your (very expensive) military, that is a different story altogether.
  • Battles are fought entirely over buildings. You do not have soldiers standing around: Your squads are stationed in buildings. You decide how large your army is, how well they are upgraded, and how many soldiers are stationed where. You can move soldiers at any time, to any place - As long as this place is one of the strategically important buildings that can station soldiers.
  • Soldiers move visibly over the screen, but only from one station to the next.
  • There are not very many military buildings, but many buildings (like marketplaces) have military functions (i.e. you can station soldiers there)
  • When the enemy captures every building you have soldiers stationed at, you loose. When you capture a building, you can immediatly use it for your own good.
  • You attack other islands (and others attack your island) via military ships. The ship is a military "building", and you can attack every building close to the coast. If you defeat the soldiers there, you can use it as a station to gather troops and attack the next buildings.
  • This is all done in real time. Anno is not turn-based.

I found it very entertaining on the DS, and was glad they developed that system for the portable version (the PC version has "classical" RTS armies, although the role battles play in the game is similarly small).

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I don't just want battles, but if you take battles out then it sounds like a very sim city esque game, no? It's good to have that more competitive aspect >_>
On the other hand it's good it's not JUST about skirmishes either and instead has all the other elements developed otherwise it sounds like a typical RTS.

So, thanks to all it has combined, interest peaking. Thanks :)

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Hm, this sounds interesting. I have always thought I should check out this series since one of my favorite board games (Anno 1503) is based on them.

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Battles? This is an Anno game, it's all about the economy... I always thought the battles were the weakest link and not a reason to buy.

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But it's nice to have the option on top of all the economic features, that's all I meant.

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