Are you good at recognizing languages? Then help a brother out!

#1 Posted by BisonHero (8417 posts) -

So I got around to S-ranking Anomaly: Warzone Earth a few months ago. It's a pretty fun game.

But I've now been stripped of that S-rank, as they've added one new achievement. Nobody on Steam has the achievement yet, so I'm guessing it might have to do with a future content update that could be coming for the game. But to make things extra fun, the achievement isn't in English, for some reason.

I don't know what language it is. Looks vaguely Eastern European, but what do I know? So instead of trying every available language on Google Translate, I put it to you guys: anybody able to tell me what this achievement is called, and what it wants you to do?

#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

@BisonHero said:

So instead of trying every available language on Google Translate

Did you try "Detect Language"?

#3 Posted by Teoball (673 posts) -

Looks like Polish to me.

#4 Posted by Linkster7 (1094 posts) -

Polish would be my guess. The translator spit out this "Destroy the turrets guarding the 7 to Your hero has not been hit."

#5 Posted by Rattle618 (1504 posts) -

Master evasive

Destroy the turrets guarding the 7 to Your hero has not been hit.

it`s polish.

#6 Posted by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -

Its not french, I can tell you that at leace.

#7 Posted by Xolare (1308 posts) -

You could've googled it in Chrome and change the language from Polish to English. Or better yet, go to goggle translate and detect language.

#8 Posted by BisonHero (8417 posts) -

I tried detect language on just the title, which Google Translate somehow thought was Italian, and it translated into exactly the same thing since it's clearly not Italian.

However, yeah, good call, trying to translate the description does indeed reveal it to be Polish. Thanks guys!

#9 Posted by Winternet (8238 posts) -

@BisonHero: Another way to find it would go and see where the devs are from. They're Polish.

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