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So, this game's already out in Europe and I want it but I'm saving for Wii Sports Resort. Bleh. It's an adventure game and sequel to the DS title Another Code: Two Memories. The games may be known as Trace Memory something something elsewhere, whatever. Here's a pair of videos. The first is shitty quality but in English.


84 - Official Nintendo Magazine UK
It's fairly easy but still makes for a pretty, touching story. [July 2009, p.74]
80 - IGN UK
While it’s frequently breathtaking in its ingenuity elsewhere – from impressively reductionist point-and-click design to intelligent, inventive puzzling – ultimately, it’s the melancholy atmosphere that lingers when it’s all over.
70 - NGamer UK
Not quite the blistering next step after "Hotel Dusk," but Cing at their worst are still better than most. Gently intriguing stuff. [Aug 2009, p.68]

Press copies are awesome, they should have sold it like this:

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On the Wii lolololo.

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