Box art.

#1 Edited by Al3xand3r (7912 posts) -

Yep, European box left, Japanese right. I hate that "sticker" thing, but at least the game is coming :>
#2 Posted by Linkyshinks (11405 posts) -

Yeah, it's shame about that sticker. It would have looked really nice if not for that.

#3 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

It really does look like a book cover. Awesome?

Maybe they're making this both the sequel to Another code (theme) and Hotel Dusk (style). That'd be great.

Will the US-cover feature a weapon and a dynamically  posing main character? Find out in the next issue!

#4 Posted by Hairydutchman (1041 posts) -

Much better.
#5 Posted by Bucketdeth (8235 posts) -

Looks pretty cool, but I don't have a Wii anymore : (

#6 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

I cannot get over the sexyness of that cover. It's so refreshingly un-videogamic. What do we know about the game? I'm too lazy to do the research.

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