#1 Posted by zenmastah (1073 posts) -

What the hell?

This game is so damn good, i cant remember the last time i had this kind of feeling about a game.

Probably Portal to be honest but this sorta goes beyond that even..

And the dev said its about 8-10 hrs long so if the beginning is like this i sure hope it holds up to the end.

Really good stuff!

#2 Edited by spankingaddict (2840 posts) -

I have no idea what this game is , yet I really wanna play it in the near future . I am assuming that's the best way to go into this game ?

#3 Posted by squiDc00kiE (401 posts) -

Can't wait to get into it.

#4 Posted by griz (2 posts) -

@spankingaddict: yes, I watched like 15 minutes of the quick look and even that ruined some of the surprise for me. Don't read anything on it, just buy it and play it completely blind.

#5 Posted by Optix12 (648 posts) -

Im so confused in some areas, im so stuck at this point (hour and a half in) going to take a break and hopefully come back with fresh ideas.

#6 Posted by TheFreepie (90 posts) -

I'm hoping the game IS as complex as it seems when playing it, and I'm not gonna run out of paths etc and end up being limited further down the line.

#7 Posted by Optix12 (648 posts) -

@TheFreepie: As bland as I can say I think when you finish or cram out as much as you can im sure theres an optimal route to take to get to the end goal but the exploration time i feel may take a while. (im saying this with no clue as to whats at the end or where the end is or even how to get there at the minute and ive been looping and going back etc. a few times trying to figure it out)

#8 Posted by san_salvador (167 posts) -

@TheFreepie said:

I'm hoping the game IS as complex as it seems when playing it, and I'm not gonna run out of paths etc and end up being limited further down the line.

I played for 30 minutes now and already have seen stuff you don't see in the QL. Also, my brain is upside down and I think I might be a squirrel.

#9 Posted by metalsnakezero (2588 posts) -

I though I saw enough from the quick look, I was very wrong O_o

#10 Posted by tankintheair315 (388 posts) -

My head hurts. Has anyone gotten past A Link to the Past and got a hint?

#11 Posted by Overbite (243 posts) -

The actual game part is cool but those signs and the nagging feeling theres some kind of indie-esqe metaphor for human life is annoying. Like it's trying to be deep and meaningful but it's not being subtle about it.

#12 Posted by zenmastah (1073 posts) -

Yeah, theyre kinda straigth from a self-help book.

#13 Posted by EvilNiGHTS (1169 posts) -

Started at around 1am, suddenly it's past 6am already. Holy shit.

#14 Posted by envane (1188 posts) -

spent a while with it , fuck yeah ,, dunno how lost i am but i still have lots to do , zomg this game is awesome ...

#15 Posted by BeachThunder (13353 posts) -

Just finished it (and got all messages). Holy shit. This game did all sorts of wild things to my brain. I'd say it's my second favourite game this year behind BioShock Infinite.

#16 Posted by Bollard (6614 posts) -

@beachthunder: This game gave me my "Fez" moment of the year. Hope that trend continues next year.

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