So how is it now?

#1 Posted by kashif1 (1428 posts) -

It was on steam ftp, I was bored, its downloading now. What should I expect?

#2 Posted by Sjupp (1917 posts) -

Bump. I was wondering this aswell.

#3 Posted by geirr (2788 posts) -

Expect to be bummed out, again, especially after getting used to Saint's Row 3rd car physics.

Still has an amazing character creator though!

#4 Posted by MrCaptain (373 posts) -


played some too today. Feels less laggy than before but still a bit janky, repetitive and unjust matchmaking. I Have not played enough to get a fair opinion yet as it crashed on me.

#5 Edited by gike987 (1786 posts) -

I played it for a couple of hours before I got bored of aimlessly running around doing the same repetitive multiplayer activities. The car handling was some of the worst I have ever experienced and the shooting felt bad too. I would not recommend this game, even for free.

#6 Posted by Dehis (9 posts) -

Well its free.. Its kinda repeative and shooting feels kinda meh time to time plus some other problems, but its' okay game if you don't have anything else to do.

Mostly just defending/holding/stealing/destroying vs other team.

#7 Posted by project343 (2839 posts) -

Feels like a poor-man's GTA MMO. But it works? So there's that.

#8 Posted by slyspider (1431 posts) -

@project343: its the only mmo gta :( not counting mods

#9 Posted by TobbRobb (4916 posts) -

Giantbomb community, always there in time to give advice when asked for it.

Oh wait.

#10 Posted by DrGreatJob (152 posts) -

I'm sure you know the game sucks or whatever by now, but for others who wander here:
Playing this game alone blows pretty hard. Get some buds on a vent/teamspeak server and then it goes from "horrible shit" to "retarded fun."

#11 Posted by RinseWashRepeat (34 posts) -

Is there anyone on GB that would be willing to team up for this? I've been wondering what the appeal of MMOs are. This one being free, seemed like a good place to start.


#12 Posted by Butler (394 posts) -

I play and I'd be down to team up.

The game has its problems but if you have buddies it can be so much fun cruising around in a van with 3 other peeps sporting assault rifles shooting the hell out of cops. I support this game because of what it wants to be. It has so much damn potential if it just got polished up a bit.The beginning tutorial level is kind of weird and off putting for newcomers but if you just give it time it can be fun. ^^

#13 Posted by connerthekewlkid (1844 posts) -

ive been playing it lately and its definitively worth downloading and playing but is a pay2win game so there are major disadvantages and sometimes lag spikes

#14 Posted by 88Blackout88 (2 posts) -

MMM. your wrong this game is great.

the only thing is that theres too many HACKERS.

#15 Posted by Flappybat (67 posts) -

The new Fairfight has majorly cut down on hackers but there's still a lot of balance issues with missions and matchmaking. It's still new player unfriendly with the high skill ceiling, a player with very good accuracy and grenade skills will wipe the floor with less skilled players and the matchmaking will let it happen. You make quite slow progress free or paid but a lot slower free, the weapon mods aren't overpowered like you might think at first but you're hundreds of hours away from having the weapon variety of someone who played a lot or dropped a hundred bucks on the store. Speaking of, the store is real expensive even for F2P prices at $30 for a single permanent weapon. There has been 50% off sales but they are months apart.

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