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Everything you need to know about APB 26

The City of San Paro is not host to a traditional MMO, though you could be forgiven for the confusion. Realtime Worlds has created a game with more similarities to the Free Roam of Grand Theft Auto than World Of Warcraft, and this differentiation is to the games credit. The gameplay is fast, brutal and lacks the intimidating grinds and level caps that would normally be associated with any game asking for a monthly subscription.   I know that reviewing an MMO at launch is normally frowned upon s...

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Liquid Looks at APB... 0

  Liquid Looks at APB...     When does reviewing a game that takes hundreds of hours to reach the end, and is constantly changing though content patches, appropriately reviewable? That i cant tell you but what i can tell you is that, as of now, this is what i know.  As of the writing of this review i have played though the keys to the city beta (the entire week of e3 (presumably for demo purposes at the event)) and through the early access to the ones who purchased the game early.  I doubt...

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Why was this released? 0

APB: Reloaded is a game that completely puzzles me. It begins with a fantastic cutscene illustrating the clan warfare between the Criminals and the Enforcers. So far, I'm psyched! But then the game started, and everything went to shit. If it isn't the learning curve, the pay2win gunplay, the "just do sh*t" mission style, or the controls that turn you off, it's the driving, the matchmaking, and just about everything else. This game is BEYOND unfinished.Fun: 4/10 --- You will enjoy this game every...

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APB Reload plays like reloading a gun with an empty clip 0

Playing APB Reloaded seems very similar to someone trying to look on the bright side of tumbling down a flight of stairs; sure the brief free-fall might be a thrill but it's certainly not worth the pain and anguish that comes with the experience. APB is littered with bugs and simply tries to be too many things at once, but if you're willing to endure the hurdles that this experience throws at you, including taking the proper steps to prevent the game from crashing when you first install it, and ...

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