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My favorite part of the first three games was making the prosecution squirm and lose their composure, but so far in this, Mr. Gavin is not only smoothe, he's helpful! Does this turn around (no pun intended) because he's not much of an adversary at this point. No spoilers, please, I'm still playing the game, I'd just like to know what I'm in for thematically.

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He's just helpful because the first case serves a a tutorial.  Once that case ends (and it's a doozy), it's business as usual with breaking down the prosecution.

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I meant past the first case, when you're up against Klavier. He practically solves Case 2 FOR you. I dunno, even in the one with his band, it seems like he kept switching sides. I'm on the last mission now, but that one definately was better.

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