Apotheon Preview at Gamasutra (gameplay + concept art)

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Just tripped on this Apotheon article on my way to work. To quote our wiki page, this is the next game by "Canadian indie developer Alientrap". The art style, which is the focus of this article, is based on ancient Greek pottery. Though Alientrap isn't following all of the conventions of the medium (extremely limited colour palette and dimensions) to a T, it's certainly recognizable as such. There's some good food for thought in this piece -- Jesse McGibney, the game's artist and co-designer, talks at some length about the large number of ancient art styles that haven't been tapped yet for games, and also reveals a little of the game's design path. Sounds like it was nearly a Too Human of sorts.

Apotheon makes ancient art work in a modern game -- Eric Caoli


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Yo guys this game looks cool, doesn't it? :(

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Honestly, it looks a bit crap. The gameplay, not the art direction.

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I think it looks kinda neat.

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Looks like Outland, also based on primitive art.

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Reminds me of the art style in Rock of Ages. Of course, this looks far more serious and is not totally insane and absurd.

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