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Welcome to the Giant Bomb Game Center Friend Exchange. If you are like me, you don't have little or no people to either play games or compare achievements and high scores with on your iOS device. Well, that ends today. Feel free to post your nickname and I will add it to the table below. Also, make sure you go through and add some names that are already listed. A good idea is to put something like "From GB" or "Hey Duder" in the message box so others know where the requests are coming from.

*New: If you are looking for people to play a specific game with, I will add that in as well, since many of the games don't have their own specific pages in the wiki.

Game Center NameGiant Bomb NameGames?
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Waiting for iOS 4.1 jailbreak before I upgrade, but really looking forward to game center. I can already tell they've got me with achievements ;p

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BUMP I know.  
My username on it is PopeBlueberryXIV, feel free to add me.

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So this should probbaly get bumped, cause I want friends! Mine is Hizang.

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I'm Myauie!

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just got an ipad. add me under quikblink

#7 Posted by jasondesante (617 posts) -

im jasondesante !!! :D

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Excellent. I am going to start updating this thread, and include any particular games people are playing

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I was going to make this thread right now. I should probably bump this thread rather than making a new one. Well sign me up! My Game Center name is <.sexytoad.> but without the periods.

Since I'm on my phone it automatically assume It's HTML. So it makes it disappear.

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