Apple thinks that a software patch will "fix" antenna problems?!?

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I'd like to sample the drugs that they're taking because they must be really good.  From the stories that I've been reading, Apple is releasing a patch to "fix" the formula that they use to calculate the display of power bars on the display.  Unless those bars actually determine whether you get a dropped connection, this will be nothing but a cosmetic fix.  Apple needs to step up and admit that there's an actual hardware problem and either recall it or provide their case free.  It's weird that the iPhone 4 is still flying off the shelves even though everyone knows about the antenna problem.  I guess Apple doesn't have to do anything if people are still buying.

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Their bars were a lie.  I'm no pro on Apple products but they're probably gonna change the bars to accurately reflect signal strength.

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In reality it isn't that big of a problem. I only got a dropped connection when I tried to make it drop. Some other times when I've tried it, it's not affected the network at all.

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@fynne: There's a very informative and interesting article on what the signal bars actually represent, here
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Get over the antenna issue. I know it's a big deal but one or two mentions about it is fine, but everyone talking about doesnt change anything.

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"Typical" first batch problems, why not just return it if you are having problems? I get 15 days to return it if there is something wrong or I don't like it on my carrier. Hell just open it up right there and test. This is just something getting blown out of proportion.

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