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Background Story

Donning his symbolic wizard robes and pointed hat the Apprentice uses arcane magic to bend to his will. Under his father, the Grand Magus he also learned the art of conjuration which he has recently needed to call upon to destroy that evil that befell his home. There is still little that is known about this mysterious character.
"The Apprentice is the greatest wizard in all the land, except for his father of course." 


  • Magic Blockade ‐ Blocks enemies from passing, also steals their elemental alignment as they pass by. 
  • Magic Missile Tower ‐ Rapid firing arcane bolts that are less than deadly along, but used in large numbers they are very formidable.
  • Fireball Tower ‐ Uses the slow but very powerful fireball spell. Although it is slow it will splash and hit any nearby enemies making this a great tower for groups of enemies.
  • Lightning Tower ‐ Shoots lightning out that forks from enemy to enemy while stunning them in the process. This makes it a formidable tool to slowdown monster progress.
  • Deadly Strike Tower ‐ Uses a slow but very accurate blast of arcane energy that goes over long distances but is very slow. Very good supplement tower, but not good as a sole defense.


  • Overcharge ‐ Very drastically reduces the time it takes for the Apprentice to cast spells, including towers. That is what makes this ability such an amazing clutch move
  • Mana Bomb ‐ A charge up magic attack that unleashes a massive wave of arcane everything hurting all enemies around the Apprentice.

Weapon Skills

  • Charge Attack ‐ The Apprentice charges his staff for his next attacking adding some extra power in it and also letting it hit additional enemies at the same time.
  • Knock Back Attack ‐ The apprentice uses kinetic energy to unleash a large area knock back that will give the Apprentice some breathing room.    

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