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Official Screen Shot from the game

This is a coming game from Zordix AB for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Production started in the spring of 2012.

The game has two modes, a single player mode and a local multi-player mode. In the single player mode you run through 48 different courses in 14 different tournaments. There are three different settings for the courses, Egypt, Greece and "The Tropics". There is also a mirrored mode and a storm mode where the waves are bigger and more violent.

In the local multi-play you can play against 5 other players in all courses. There is also a Single Card Download Play against players that don't have the game through the 3DS-download-play function.

The game is essentially a time-hunt game but there are elements of collecting different rewards in the form of money. There are two different rewards to collect, smaller money bags floating around the course and larger money chests also floating in different places. You can also do stunts in race to collect even more money but also get more boost power.

In the tournaments you ride against 5 AI-players and the playerhave to place among the top 3 in the tournament to be able to advance. Advancing unlocks new venues and new watercraft to buy with the money earnt while playing.

The game was first released on June 27th 2013 in the european Nintendo eShop.

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