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Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is a PlayStation 2 title published by Midway and developed by Creat Studios. It is based on the absurdist Adult Swim cartoon series Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Released in 2007 to scathing reviews, it has been theorized that the game may have been shipped in its poor state intentionally, as such an act would befit the bizarre nature of the series upon which the game is based.

Zombie Ninja Pro-Am features voice-work from the cast of the series and was credited for its faithfulness to the show. The game also features numerous extras on the disc, both already unlocked at the start of the game and unlockable through collectible items that are found in the game. Among its extras are an all-new Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode, "Robots Everywhere," (Which was later aired on television as the first episode of the fifth season) and three episodes that had previously aired on television; "Video Ouija", "Revenge of the Mooninites", and "Broodwich."


The game primarily plays out as a mix between golf and action. After hitting the ball, the player must make their way to the ball's new position and fight enemies along the way. The game is notorious for being poorly made and full of game breaking glitches, such as characters falling through the levels and not being able to get back, requiring the player to start the game. There are a lot of problems in the game with things like invisible walls and bad hit detection with your golf ball. It is also known for being needlessly difficult, with the enemies dealing heavy amounts of damage, quickly defeating the player. The enemies in the game are also difficult to kill, taking a lot of hits while you take very few. Enemies encountered in the game include Carl's pubic lice, evil trees, the annoying Wisdom Cube that can't be killed, and the Gorgotron. There are also boss fights, such as a battle with Carl at the end of the first hole.


The game features two-player multiplayer, which limits gameplay to the golf portion of the game. The characters initially available for play include Carl, Master Shake, and Frylock. While one player is playing, the other player can press the X button to play a speech clip (similar to the ability in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, though the amount of dialogue is limited and these clips begin to repeat themselves extremely quickly.


  • Enchiladitos - Refill the player's health
  • Pubic Pride spray - Kills Carl's pubic lice
  • Gorgotron Repellent - Puts the Gorgotron to sleep
  • Mulligan - Lets the player retry the last stroke
  • Frycheat - Lets the player zap the ball to make it go further
  • Meatcheat - Use Meatwad as the ball
  • Meatbait - Causes enemies to attack Meatwad and not the player
  • Ol' Drippy - Extra life
  • Broodwich pieces - Collect 12 to unlock a secret battle
  • Cameo clips - Collect to unlock bonus Aqua Teen Hunger Force clips
  • Bazooka - Available in driving levels only as a weapon to defeat enemies
  • Speed Boost - Boosts your speed

Other Weapons:

  • Dragon Hilted Sword
  • Foreigner Belt
  • Fireballs
  • Golf Club
  • Chainsaw
  • Red Electric Guitar
  • Sawed-off Shotgun
  • Lightning Ray
  • Homing Missiles


The ESRB rated the game Mature for Blood, Cartoon Violence, Drug Reference, Language, Mature Humor, Suggestive Themes.

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