burningdoom1's Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis (GameCube) review

Not As Terrible As People Say, but be prepared for repetition

Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis for Nintendo Gamecube

This game gets a lot of crap tossed at it. Gamers just love to hate it. And it's no surprise because everyone else loves to hate Aquaman himself. Aquaman has been the butt of jokes for years, and unfortunatley for him, a game that's simply okay is not gonna save him from that.

And that's the main problem with this game, it's just okay. It's not abysmal like everyone makes it out to be, though. In fact, it's a quaint and pretty looking little beat-em up. A great bargain game to add to any Gamecube collection.

What makes it just okay is the repetitive gameplay. You just swim around various areas in the ocean, often Atlantis, beating up henchmen. But then that describes most beat-em ups, so if that's your complaint you're in the wrong game genre. They do mix things up a little bit from the normal beat em up. Sprinkled through the 20 or so levels in the game are shooter levels where you pilot a high-speed sub which are very reminiscent of the old space-ship shooters from the mid-90s like Descent, Forsaken, and Colony Wars.

I can also see people thinking the cutscenes were cheap and cheesy. But I totally got it. They were catering to the comic fans, which is who most likely would be playing this game. The cutscenes play out like pages on a comic, and I personally thought it was cool being a comic fan myself.

If you are an Aquaman fan at all, you will get a kick out of playing though the game just to see the bosses, areas, and to play as the best incarnation of Aquaman (the 90s Aquaman). You also get to unlock Tempest, Black Manta, and Classic Aquaman to play as. But as I said, be forewarned, the gameplay does get repetitive.

Heck, it's under $5. What have you got to lose?


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