I formally recommend a QuickLook, Aquaria!

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Firstly, I do not work for nor do I collect any royalties for game sales. I do however own this game on Steam, which is right now on sale for $5 http://store.steampowered.com/app/24420 
I played the demo which is available here - http://www.bit-blot.com/aquaria/demo.html 
I really enjoyed it and bought it right away. It was then I noticed, that this great game had very little fan base and was a few years old already. However it is a beautiful indie game and I feel as a fan of the game I had to try and spread the good word. Maybe we can get a QL on this great game now and spark some interest in it while it's at the $5 price? I think the developer would be awesomely surprised with a sudden surge in sales and fans. 
Update : Wow, they made a QL. Either its just really good timing or someone from GB read this and liked the idea/game. Thanks GB!

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Looks like a cross between a dual joystick shooter and Metroidvania. May try it out.

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Yeah, it's a bit old but I like what I played of it, it's a fun game and I really should play a lot more of it, but I'm just not a huge PC gaming fan.

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I dunno, man. This game is old. Way too old for them to pass it off as something they are catching up on and not old enough or worthy of a Quick Look Throwback. I don't see it happening. It's only going to be on sale for like another week. I feel this thread is much better suited for the job.

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I started playing Aquaria two weeks ago, ended today, an hour before the QL. 
Coincidence?! Yes. But I'm glad they did a QL.

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