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This is what you show to someone who doubts games can be art. 1

While big name developers constantly push hyped up releases such as Mass Effect, Halo 3, Super Mario Galaxy, and Call of Duty 4, there's always the little developer that could, bringing out an unnoticed gem, one that happens to be better and more polished than some big name releases. In this case, the little developer that could is Bit Blot, and the gem is Aquaria, a game that can best be described as Ecco the Dolphin x Castlevania/Metroid. It's one of those games that prove games can be art, an...

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In A Word: Beautiful 0

Aquaria is quite simply one of the most beautiful gaming experiences there is to be had out there. The gameplay is intuitive; having both simplicity and depth.  The game centers around a young mer-girl named Naija who has lived in a cave for as long as she can remember. One day, however, she has a vision of a strange figure that causes her to wonder what lies beyond her simple place of existents. She sets out and finds an ocean world full of dead and abandoned civilizations, driving her to explo...

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Perfect besides the awkward map and limited save points 0

I tend to enjoy clearing out all the enemies and exploring every corner of the map, and Aquaria pretty consistently rewarded me for doing just that!  Nearly every end of the map contained something worth collecting, and defeating enemies often caused them to drop ingredients for cooking. High points are graphics, music, exploration, and story. Low points are that you can only save at a save crystal (multiple times I died after exploring for a half hour beyond the last crystal — frustr...

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Is there a fun game hidden here? 0

Aquaria has lot's of things going on. It looks beautiful and has a nice melancholic mood. It is also challenging and some what original. Game loans lot from Metroid type action and Ecco underwater adventure type games, but still manages to relay a unique feel. Aquaria takes place underwater as the name implies. Protagonist is called Naija and she is a mermaid suffering from amnesia. Story is scarcely told with a narrative triggered by certain locations and things found in the underwater cav...

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