Japanese Arc Rise Fantasia Final Trailer, Release, Etc.

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This is the final Japanese trailer for Arc Rise Fantasia:

It's a bad quality rip from the official website so I recommend you head there to view this and other content. It's not the best video, just the last one. The game's available in stores there, and people have already started posting videos on YouTube and the like. First impressions from various forums sound great.

Some guy has started a playtrhough of the Japanese version. His videos are of pretty good quality so feel free to watch a few if you don't mind spoilers. Here's the first. It sounds like a worthwhile title to delve into, despite the more prominent, high profile franchise RPGs coming to the Wii.
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The video is already gone

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I've updated the first post with a different embed that works. The following video is the first US trailer (nothing great, or really new, but I don't see a thread created for it so here goes) from Ignition which will release this game during the summer. Here's the official US website, it's pretty good.

Also, the Japanese version has been re-released as part of the "Player's Choice" special pricing range Nintendo recently launched there.
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Another US trailer:

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