Melancholy Trailer

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What's with the crazy names they give to trailers? The game looks good, it's a nice trailer though I wished it showed more of the locations. It probably won't be up there with Tales of Graces, The Crystal Bearers and Dragon Quest X but it looks solid. Airships are always cool.

Official website.
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A "walktrhough" video with some Asian chick. At least it shows some wandering about which looks pretty nice. Grandia-ish perhaps.


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Been excited for this game since I saw it in NP after TGS. That soldier in the beginning reminds me of the soldiers from Skies of Arcadia/Skies of Arcadia Legends.

Arc Rise Fantasia Soldier
Skies of Arcadia Soldier
Maybe I'm crazy, it's what I thought of right away....

Anyway, I'm excited, and if I remember correctly, it's due pretty soon.
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Heh they do look kinda similar.

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