New Arc Rise Fantasia Screens and Info

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The official Japanese site has applied the following screens and info.

  • The Team making Arc Rise consists of Tales Of Symphonia's game designer, cg director, scenario writer, main battle programmer and other staff that worked on that game.
  •  The Weapons used in battle will have a Level up system.
  •  There will have Tales-like optional Skits, opened by pressing the 2 button on the Remote.
  •  Abilities of the characters are determined by the arrangement of geometric Tetris-like pieces. You can trade pieces among other party members or put them into frames of future weapons.
  •  Arc Rise is set to be around 30 hours long.
  •  The Magical abilitiesfor each character are based on each one's 'cage', in which can be leveled in special shops and fit with gems allowing the casting of various elemental spells.
  •  There will be a Sidequests-guild, and a Casino, which has minigames that'll use the I.R and Motion sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote.

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