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JRPG in the Rough 0

 The Playstation 2 is no stranger to RPGs, with the system's library being filled with generic turn-based, save the world adventures. Look at one of them, and you've practically have seen them all. And while Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits doesn't completely shy away from the classic JRPG formula, the small differences makes it a refreshing experience.     Kharg and Deimos, readying their party faces As already alluded to, the story is based around saving the world, but is told through ...

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Flawed, but very enjoyable. 0

Ever since the Arc the Lad Collection came out, i've been interested in trying the series out. I didn't buy the Collection because the price of entry was quite high and you know..paying so much premium for a bunch of (old) PS1 rpg's wasn't right up my alley. But after playing Arc the Lad: Twilight of the spirits, you can be sure that I will snatch up the Collection on ebay eventually. The game is divided in two stories. At first you control Kharg, a human, who's basically THE man in town since ...

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A Rough Transition 0

Twilight of the Spirits is not a terrible game. Cattle Call had the unenviable task of translating a top down style into 3D. They had to maintain a fairly deep and well realized lore and world. And they had to somehow do this without losing that old school RPG feel that PS1 Arcs brought to the table. The main issue was perhaps that initial design choice; I wouldn't have blamed them for scrapping a lot more of the formula and trying to start fresh. Nonetheless, I can see and feel that this was de...

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