Help Me ID An Old, Obscure Arcade Game

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Back around 1992-94 there was an old arcade game I used to play at the Wal-Mart by my house.  You played as the 3 little pigs trying to avoid a pack of wolves and an evil chef/butcher with a thick, stereotypical mustache.  It was a single-screen platformer (I think) and you were climbing and jumping around what I think was an apartment complex.  You could throw plant pots at the wolves, somersault jump from one side of the screen to another (I think you were climbing fire escapes), and, if you took too long to complete the level, the chef would rush out onto the screen and wrap you up for sale.
That's the extent of what I recall.  As I said, this was around the early 90s, and I haven't seen it sense.  If anyone can help me out, I would be eternally grateful.
(BTW, I've already ruled out Pooyan, as that's the only pig related game I could find and was sadly disappointed by.)

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That sounds like the 3 Little Pigs game that Jeff played on Game Room once. But that was a home console game, if I remember correctly.

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@jorojoserojas: That would be "Oink!"  Unfortunately, that's not it.  The one I'm looking for was an actual arcade cabinet, though I did gasp in anticipation when I saw that game on the video.
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@TonyBlue87: Was it Oink!? Jeff did a Quick Look of this game on 05/12/10. No sign of a butcher, though.  
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Was it Pig Out?
EDIT: Pretty sure it is Pig Out.
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@freecajunlove: HOLY SHIT THAT'S IT!
Thank you so much!  A decade of searching has finally come to an end.  I am indebted.
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@TonyBlue87:  No wiki entry exists for it; I would get on that.
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@freecajunlove: Not a bad idea.  I'll see about getting to that later this afternoon.

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