How much does a arcade machine cost?

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I would really want one
also, where can you buy them?

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They'd probably be like 200-1000+ plus based on machine. You can hit up ebay or craigslist or arcades, but alot of people do pick up only.
You can build your own and add something like MAME and put a bunch of games in it, but whutever.

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around $1000, but vintage ones can cost up to $3000.

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Would be cool, but you'd be surprised how quickly they get old. My friend has one, and we played it for 2-3 weeks, off and on. Then haven't touched it since. 

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expect your electrical bill to go up

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I recommend building your own MAME machine, just google "mame arcade" on google and you'll see what its all about :) its way cheaper than a vintage/original one and its better.

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Sorry, couldn't resist.

MAME is definitely the way to go.

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Like, expensive.

Like, a lot.
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Cash up $2,000 dollars and do this. Get a brand New Custom computer with all the MAME Roms of the latest build for a 1,000 and with the other thousand, buy the MAME Case. That the best because you get 800 (IDK. a lot of) games for 2,000.

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They vary in price and there's no way know how much the one you want would cost without more details...are you looking for a vintage classic cabinet, or something newer?

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I understand why arcades are awsome but really consoles are better. Their cheaper, you can save your game, takes up less space, and you can play a lot of different games

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atejas said:
"Like, expensive.
Like, a lot.
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Screw Mame - nothing compares to real arcade hardware.

Blue Storm cabs are a cheap and rad - you should be able to pick one up new and complete for around USD$500 if you shop around. They're very similar to Astro City cabs, except a bit less rugged. Which isn't an issue if you're keeping it in your house.

Then get a 1056 in one Jamma game box (should run at around the USD$200 mark) and try fight off all the social-envy and bribary-pussy with a stick.

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"How much does an arcade machine cost?"  

fixed your grammar, you can thank me later.

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@Vigorousjammer: You bumped a year old post to add "n" to the title?
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@Vigorousjammer said:
" "How much does an arcade machine cost?"   fixed your grammar, you can thank me later. "
..... Was it worth it? Really? Necro Bumping because he made a grammar error?
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