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I would like to get into arcade ownership, preferably an early 90's fighter. The problem with this is that i live in New Zealand, a country that while being a great place to live, as far as I can tell doesn't have something like a California Extreme to get me onto the right path, and Trade Me (Our eBay) only has two original copies of NBA Hangtime and a crap ton of Konami pokies available. On the flip side though there are plenty of custom rigs available, that while seeming a bit like cheating to me it may be my only option. So my question is if I should just get one of the custom rigs or if I keep looking for a proper machine. Also does anyone knows if New Zealand has something like a California Extreme. Thanks.

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@moffattron9000: New Zealand Extreme? Interesting idea, but I'd be shocked. I recall was tweeting something about ideas for an Australian CAX. Realistically now that CAX is over I'm sure the twitter account has some time to answer a couple questions. @CAExtremeOrg (I just discovered that CAX has a French wikipedia page, but not an English one. Never seen that before.)

I think the best advice is to just decide on your budget, and if you can't find something that meets your budget, you'll need to reassess. You can dress up a vanilla cabinet pretty nicely, and most people who DIY make something that suits them. You have to REALLY like a game to maintain a dedicated cabinet. Meanwhile a MAME cab can be any kind of configuration you can imagine.

Even though you're closer to Japan, I imagine freight charges are no joke. Meanwhile, you can always start small. Well maybe not as small.;)

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