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Enjoying this game. It's a little thin, but I don't feel that ripped off, it being $3 and all. Played for about an hour today. I'll play it some more, definitely.

Just wanted to warn you guys of a bug I found.

When someone comes in to buy an arcade from you DO NOT HIT 'YES' if you are in the process of moving an arcade.

As in:

-You pick up your Phantom arcade machine to move it.

-Some guy comes in and wants to buy your Lunar Module arcade machine.

-You say "yes"

-The game crashes, not saving.

I didn't lose too much time (maybe 6 or 7 minutes) but it was still annoying.

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During about two hours of play the game crashed on me 4 times. I didn't lose much progress, still annoying. Especially for a game that isn't that great anyway.

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