A great 2011 fighting game no one talked about.

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It came out when the whole PSN getting hacked thing happened, so it got dumped with a bunch of other games when PSN finally came back up. I bought it a few weeks after and enjoyed it well enough, but got side tracked by other things.

Now with recently playing SF X Tekken and having it not grab me, I went and played Arcana Heart 3 again to get my fighting game fix. I got to say, this game is really, really fun.

It's fun to just pick up and play, but it offers a whole lot of depth if you want to fully understand it's systems. It can even seem overwhelming at first with 23 unique playing characters and 23 different Arcanas that are non character specfic. But like I said before, the game is still fun to pick up and play even if you don't know anything about it. The special moves are executed much like a Street Fighter game, with quarter circles and all that good stuff. There is even a 'homing' button (which I refer to as the fuck gravity button) that when pressed makes your character fly in the direction of your opponent, making for some awesome in air combat possibilites.

I also find me liking it kind of weird since I really don't like the fighting system in BlazBlu, but I guess this game was devloped by EXAMU. Arc System Works released a boxed version in Japan. Aksys games released the PSN downloadable version (worldwide) and boxed version in Europe.

Anyway, the point is this game feels like a lost fighting game many have probably never heard of, or given a chance. It's a shame GB never did a quick look.

I went online and could only find one lobby with three savage dudes... The good news is the net code is solid as a rock. It's $29 on the PSN store and if you are remotely into fighting games that are approachable yet deep with great 2-D sprite work, you should definitely check it out.

The one knock I have against it is that it lacks any kind of tutorial. So if you really want to understand some of it's deep mechanics, you have to seek out external sources and tutorials. You could make the argument that it is the Dark Souls of fighting games, but that would be a bad argument.

Anyone play this on GB?

Also kind of weird GB has no videos for it.

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