Arcana Heart 3 comes to North America this spring.

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So, for some odd reason I decided to visit kotaku and I noticed a story about Arcana Heart 3. Well it seems that it is in fact coming to North America via PSN sometime in the spring.
I had a chance to play this game about a month ago as I met some people who imported it, we had a blast mostly because of how utterly embarrassing this game is. Almost all the fighters satisfy some sort of fetish! That being said I would like to see a localized version and will definitely buy this when it comes out.
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This is a day one purchase for me. Kind of a bummer for people who don't own a PS3 though, maybe they'll announce something for 360 later.

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They really should do the 360 version as well. I wonder what their reasons for not releasing it (or at least announcing it right away) were for the 360.
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Why, when I clicked on your link, was I welcomed with a story on some Zelda controller? I don't get you sometimes, Kotaku.

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Hopefully that fixed it. I'm not sure why it defaulted to kotaku canada and the old school layout.
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Well, if this actually builds a scene unlike Melty Blood (even EC has given up on the game), this is a certain buy. 
Last time I checked on it, seemed pretty good. 

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Is it just me or is nearly every 2D fighter done by Aksys and Arc System Works?

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@Aus_azn said:
" Is it just me or is nearly every 2D fighter done by Aksys and Arc System Works? "
I am perfectly happy with that :)
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I don't know if I should be embarrassed about this or just horny.

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I know literally nothing about this franchise or the characters that make up it. However, having seen the gameplay from various streams and trailers, I'm pretty excited about this game coming to PSN. 
Day One purchase from me.

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