Question of ethic (Should I bring back the game?) (Xbox 360)

#1 Posted by Ghil (241 posts) -

I just bought Arcania, and tried playing it on my HDTV. First thing I noticed, was the framerate, which was horrible. and then the text, which was unreadable. 
 I tried all the evening to check if I could do something, and no, the game is quite unplayable that way. 
Thing is, technically, It is in working order... 
Should I bring it back to ebgames, asking for a refund on what I consider unplayable, or would it not be accepted as the product is currently in a "working condition"?.

#2 Posted by Romination (2823 posts) -

I don't think this has anything to do with ethics, really. I think take it back, and if they don't accept it as a return, at least do a trade-in and get some store credit so it's not a total loss.

#3 Posted by audiosnag (1604 posts) -

At least get something you'll enjoy playing.

#4 Posted by Ghil (241 posts) -

sad thing is, it doesn't seem that bad a game. thank you for your answers, I'll bring it back tomorrow. :)

#5 Posted by Shirogane (3593 posts) -

Doesn't EBgames let you return stuff within 7 days if you decide you don't like/want it or something? 
Oh and, don't every play Gothic games on anything other than PC. At least on the PC you can try to fix it, or somebody will. 
Seriously, those games are bugged to all hell. FO3+NV bugs x 100.
#6 Posted by Ghil (241 posts) -

lol well it was a first, since my PC recently broke, and I really wanted to play Arcania :D

#7 Posted by ch3burashka (5520 posts) -

This is inconsequential. Do what you want to do.

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