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I Played This Game So You Won't Have To 18

Arcania is JoWooD's most recent entry in the Gothic series, which has developed something of a cult following due to a wide open world, interesting choice dynamics, complex leveling system, and intricate customization options.  This is not to say previous entrants in the series haven't had their problems.  Gothic 3 was notoriously buggy on release, rendering it nearly unplayable.  Even now the most recent official release has some major problems. This may have played a part in JoWooD's developme...

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Can be appreciated by any Gothic fan who's willing to forgive 0

Unfaithful sequels are no news. Generally speaking, sometimes, they alienate the fans, but attract the attention of mainstream, sometimes they alienate the both crowd. Although Arcania falls to the latter category, but that's not because it's a bad game. That's because it just flew way too close to the sun. What made Gothic games special was the fact that they had both high quality in terms of their whole design and traits of a true cult title. Arcania basically takes both things and makes them ...

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Nothing 0

If you think about it, Gothic sort of invented the modern action RPG. One could argue that Ultima IX came first, but whatever. It doesn't matter. My point is that Gothic 1 was a big deal despite its lack of popularity outside of Germany and it's a very early example of a type of game that has come to define RPGs. Yet here we are some 10 years later and now Gothic 4: ArCanIa is the worst one. It's the worst one. It's worse than Oblivion, it's worse than Kingdoms of Amalur, it's worse than Two Wor...

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