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A raise-baddies-from-the-dead nightmare. A long-legged massive figure, The Arch-Vile is propably one of the hardest demons to defeat in the Doom series.  It has a fire attack that is similar to the awesome BFG 9000.  If you're in it's line of sight during an attack, you will quickly become Marine flambe.  Since one of the Arch-Viles abilities is the resurrection of lesser demons, it is considered wise to kill them off first.


The Arch-Vile's death sound is that of a young girl screaming 'Why' with her pitch toned down and merged with other distortion effects. 

Arch-Vile numbers by game 

Broken down by game and difficulty.

Difficulty 1: I'm Too Young To Die
Difficulty 2: Hey, Not Too Rough
Difficulty 3: Hurt Me Plenty
Difficulty 4: Ultra-Violence
Difficulty 5: Nightmare! (note: monsters respawn in this mode)     
DoomDifficulty 1, 2Difficulty 3Difficulty 4, 5
 Doom II 8 15 17
 TNT: Evilution 10 27 38
 Plutonia 65 86 99

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