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Area 51: Site 4 is a 1998 arcade light gun shooter, and the sequel to Area 51. Site 4 was developed and published by Atari Games and Midway. The plot of Area 51: Site 4 is a continuation of the plot from the first game; an elite military team called S.T.A.A.R. is formed to prevent an invasion from the alien race called Kronn. The Kronn aliens can kill humans and transform them into one of their own. Site 4 is more of an expansion pack than an actual "sequel" to Area 51, as it improves the graphics, adds some new levels, and fixes the full motion video animation. In addition, Site 4 adds three training missions, that, upon completion, give the player more and better weapons.

As enemies pop up, they begin to attack.

Area 51: Site 4 is a traditional light gun shooter. The game can be played in either single player or cooperative. There are several things that make this game different from other light gun shooters of the time, however. There is no reloading, so the player never runs out of ammunition. As enemies pop up, the player has to shoot them. Occasionally, a "good" character will pop up that the player has to avoid shooting. The game is relatively short (four levels, not including secret levels and other unlockables), and for that it was criticized.

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