thelawnwrangler's Area-51 (Xbox) review

Exciting story and pretty good action

I personally enjoyed this game way too much haha. The story is really in-depth and its kind of exciting. The voice acting may be kind of weak but that wont stop you. The graphics are decent and the games design is really cool. The action comes in like a normal FPS. The weapons look really cool, but some flaws (dual shotguns, but non dual-able pistols? in the words of Gob Bluth, COME ON) are there. Other than that, the game isnt really that difficult, but it can be if you let it. This game needs dedication lol. Then the multiplayer. The multiplayer is oodles of fun. Basic deathmatch and stuff, online or off, you will have fun. So if you want a classic game to just blaze through, go for this one. You will enjoy it if you can tolerate it's flaws.

Pros: Good story, fun gameplay and multiplayer
Cons: Weak voice acting, weird weapon things, can be difficult, decent graphics
Comments: This game was fun.
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