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Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson is an American voice actor, cartoonist. Best known for his "Awesome" series on Newgrounds and YouTube.

His fame began in 2006 with the submission of his flash animation Metal Gear Awesome to Newgrounds. This led to his voice acting job as Bruce Banner in Marvel Ultimate Alliance and a contract with MTV.

As of February 2013 has over 65 Flash submissions on his Newgrounds account and over 800 thousand subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

Other Work

The Tester

Appeared as a contestant on season three of the Sony-promoted game show The Tester. During his brief time on the show he was often criticized by the judges, they claimed he was riding on his fan support, and that he was only on the show to promote himself. This eventually led to him getting eliminated in the third episode.

Ironically, Sony used Egoraptor more then any other contestants while promoting the show in the hope that it would bring in views.


A show where talks about game design and the intricacies of video games by comparing two games, the original in the series and one of its sequels.

Game Grumps

A YouTube collaboration channel where Arin plays games and provide commentary together with popular YouTube Game reviewer Jon "Jontron" Jafari.


  • Has Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Has two cats, Mochi and Mimi.

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