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Arin is a skilled magician who graduated at the top of her class at Wiz Wiz School. She uses both her magic that uses her natural dexterity and her Pangya playing skills to play course after course with ease. She is in love with Max, another Pangya player. Max was the main reason she started playing Pangya in the first place.

Arin is kind, gentle, and sweet to those around her, and never gets nervous around a huge crowd. In fact, she plays better with crowds around. She seems meek and mild at first, but loves being the center of attention. Inbetween rounds, she entertains with magic tricks. She is rarely seen angry or in a bad mood.

In her main story in Super Swing Golf, she finally meets Max and defeats him in a round of Pangya, and Tiki tries to get Max to kiss Arin, but he runs away while Arin's eyes were still closed. She then chases after Max with Tiki and Brie following. In the "King of Darkness" storyline, Arin and Brie find out the source of the Darkness Aura, coming from the Dark Mystic Phoenix, which had been corrupting it's user, Kaz, with it's Darkness. Arin manages to prevent Kaz from sinking in enough holes to cast Pangya island into darkness.

In Super Swing Golf Season 2, she is the 'boss' of Ice Cannon and Ice Spa, known by others through rumors as the Ice Witch. Rumors were spreading around that she was the Ice Witch performing a strange ritual that may bring back the King of Darkness. Upon playing a round of Pangya with her, the current character discovers that Arin is just a sweet, kind girl who was just having a magic show with the penguins of Ice Cannon and Ice Spa. Arin realized her magic show wouldn't last much longer with the rumors going around, and had no where to go. The player that the character is using at the time will then invite her to come along with him/her and the others that the player have invited in the Tour mode, and she becomes playable for the rest of the entire game.

Arin's official age is 20 years.

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