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Higher quality than some full-priced games 30

In a time where high-budget blockbuster video games thrive, Arkedo Series - 03 PIXEL! is a breath of fresh air. Pixel comes from French developer Arkedo Studio, the team responsible for Big Bang Mini and Nervous Brickdown. Designed by a team of two people, the care that they put into this gem is evident. From the sublime music to the soft glow of the faux-retro graphical style, Pixel is well-designed game through and through.    The soft glow of Pixel's faux-retro s...

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Making Pixels Cute Again 0

I recently picked up "Pixel" while browsing random games on Xbox Live, and I'm glad I did! Being an indie game, it's set at a very low price (around $5 or less I believe). That being said, the visual style in this game is fantastic. It is a world of blue and white tones that pop out of the screen as you play.  The audio ranges from super cute and catchy to annoying... just like other popular 8-bit titles! ;)  You play as Pixel, a cute little 8-bit cat that is one an epic journey to "Meow Town" t...

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A Cutesy Trinket 0

An Arkedo studio game is guaranteed to be coated in a distinct charm and whimsy.  Pixel! is a fine example of their talents at work.  The eye-catching graphics really pop and the music is snazzy and fun.  But when it comes to the actual game, nearly all gamers will find Pixel! to be a hum-drum platformer that retreads ancient territory.  As a blocky blue cat you'll jump on the heads of space mice and waltzing apples.  You'll leap over triangula...

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