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Arland is the center of most Atelier games found on the PS3. Most of the plot of the games revolve around the changing of Arland from a kingdom into a republic. This stretches from the first game in which Rorona must prove the use of an outdated form of item creation, alchemy, in the way of the encroaching industry that is being brought in with the new government. The trilogy concludes when Meruru's, the protagonist of the third game, kingdom is about to be adsorbed by the new and very powerful republic.

The land of Alrand spans a great distance, although it is probably best represented in Atelier Totori, as the first game takes place before most of its expansion and the last one deals more with a smaller region which has always been a protectorate. Totori shows cases the great distances between the oceans of the south in the country and the cold and wintry mountain regions in the north.

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