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A Great Mil-Sim for PC gamers

ARMA 2 offers what many other FPS games don't; realism. If you are looking for a Call of Duty clone, look somewhere else because this game is not for you. This game is for those of you who are willing to take your time and work tactically.

ARMA 2 is easily the most realistic military shooter on the market. There are many things that differentiate this game from the others. You can die very quickly; three or four bullets are all it takes to sent you home. When you add the fact that missions can be over an hour, this means that you have to play very carefully. The overall gist of the game is that you need to be as careful and tactical as possible.

Technically, this game can range from normal looking, to absolutely fantastic; it all depends on your system. The actual maps though, at least the maps in the desert, can be bland. But when you factor in that entire armies can battle each other, this factor is not as important.

The greatest thing though, is that modding is very active for ARMA 2. With the use of SIX updater, modding is very easy and makes the already incredible game even better. ACE mod for instance, makes the game even more realistic. There are many mods and custom missions that can be downloaded to enhance the ARMA experience.

In conclusion, ARMA 2 is for those individuals that want a realistic and serious first person shooter experience.

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