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This mission and scripts came from a discussion I had with a friend at work about creating a predator prey model using the ArmA 2 engine.

I've written a few very basic behavioural scripts which gives each AI the ability to decide where to move. Each unit has a personality which is defined by a set of parameters (or genetics). AI units can mate with each other and produce offspring, the offspring carries some of the genetic information from the parent - since only units which survive long enough get a chance to breed then over time evolution takes place. The AI units also have a need to eat, thus food/fuel is a resource on the map to fight over.

In the game there are two AI factions and one player controlled faction. Groups of players (or a single player) can control the parameters which define the personality of the new units created at their home base, and can also attempt to raid and destroy enemy spawn locations themselves to become the dominant side.

The video explains it better than I can in words, you need to see captions to read the explanations.

Download it here

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