DayZ - A story about men.. and chickens.

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Spawned in elektro, quickly found an enfield and a 1911, along with an ALICE pack. Stumbled across another survivor in the firehouse closest to the church. He was unarmed, I had no reason at all to shoot him. He happened to have a mic and seemed like a nice guy, so we ran around elektro and geared ourselves up. Our last stop was the 2nd firehouse where he found a rifle for himself, after that we parted ways.

I went back in towards elektro, hoping to find a compass and some matches, and he went off to the hills NW from the firehouse. Just when I was cornering a small house, the sniperfire started. Two M107's, one firing at the other survivor, who unfortunately got killed, and the other firing several shots at me as I was sicksacking towards the market. Lousy shot he was, I made it without a scratch. I felt sad that my fellow survivor got shot by some faceless sniper hiding hundreds of meters away, just when we had geared up. So right then and there I decided it would be my personal mission to bring mighty vengeance upon those cowards.

I started sprinting west, taking a long route around so I would flank the hill NW of the 2nd firehouse, where I thought the snipers were located. Apparently, someone else was trying to kill those bastards too, I heard an AK firing, followed by a PDW and some pistol.

When I finally got close, the man with the AK was silenced, it angered me even more. I stopped for a while, catching my breath so they wouldn't hear me coming. Finally I saw one of them. A ghillie-suited little chicken hopping around frantically in the bushes, still full of adrenaline after his fight with the man with the AK. I whipped out my 1911 and started wildly shooting at him, full of anger. Wasted 3 clips while dodging behind trees and avoiding his PDW. He didn't even hit me, the bastard. Finally with my last clip I dropped him down, still not dead though. I ran over to finish him but right then his partner fired his M107 from the hill directly north of the 2nd firehouse. I had to take cover. When I finally got into a position to shoot at the half-dead coward I made a discovery that made me even more furious. He had alt-f4'ed :@

Still mad like a mofo. I made a new attack plan to get to his partner on the other hill. The stupid lamer must've forgotten about me, I stumbled across him, I was still heavily breathing from climbing the hill. He was overlooking elektro with his sniper, searching for freshly spawned noobs to kill. I decided I didn't have time to aim for a headshot, he must've heard my breathing by now as I was only a few meters behind him. I took the chance and fired a round from my enfield in his ass. What would you know, the chickenshit alt-f4'ed.


I waited around for a while, hoping he would be stupid enough to come back to the same server a few mins later. He didn't.

Just when I was gonna logout of frustration and write yet another thread complaining about alt-f4ing dicks, someone fired a CZ550 just 20 meters away from me. Finally, I thought, atleast I'll get this bastard. And I did. Put a bullet in his head from my enfield and looted his corpse. I then basked in the glory on top of the mountain for a while.. Atleast I made elektro safe from cowardly chickenshit douchebags.. for a while.

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"True Story"

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