DayZ Banana non-hive server - no haxxors allowed

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Hackers are a huge problem in DayZ, as a lot of frequent players probably already know. Therefore my friend, who had an official server just a couple of days ago, decided to start a private one instead. What this means is that we can decide who gets in via a whitelist, and that we can kick and ban hackers as we please. This means that the DayZ dev team does not have to ban hackers to get them off our server. Please note that this does not mean that this is an illegal server in any way - it's just not connected to the main DayZ hive.

What that also means is that you will get a new character on this server - but you retain your old one on regular servers. That means there are no server hoppers either, and there is a higher chance to find vehicles on this server as they aren't hoarded by hackers instantly. The server will also wipe vehicle positions once a week.

The whole goal with this servers is to promote fair play, so if you're up for that, please reply to this topic and I'll consider whitelisting you. Groups of survivors, bandits or not, are highly welcome, but hackers will be instabanned as we have very active admins. The server is hosted in Sweden and has low ping to pretty much all of Europe, but americans are of course welcome as well.

TLDR: Private server to exclude hoppers and haxxors, reply for access with in-game name if interested. Rules: No hacking. No Alt-F4ing in fights (with people, against zombies, do what you want). Other than those two, go nuts. Kill people or just survive, it's your call.

#2 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1795 posts) -

I'm still fairly new to the whole dayz thing, but I'm willing to give a closed-off community a try. I think it'll help inspire cooperative play to a certain degree too... Maybe?

#3 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1252 posts) -

@EarlessShrimp: Sure thang. Your in-game name? You can find people to hang with via joining the public Mumble-server:

#4 Edited by Psychosane (2 posts) -

Is this the old SE 49 server? . We will probably stay on this server since it was very stable and was always up and updated. Our nicks are Kimsan, Fuzzero and Eirikjohannes.

#5 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1795 posts) -

@RIDEBIRD: mine is Aloof, I'll be on vacation this week so I won't be on until next Sunday. Just a heads up

#6 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1252 posts) -

@Psychosane: It sure is. I'll whitelist you all.

@EarlessShrimp: Added!

#7 Posted by Ongargis (2 posts) -

My name is Ongargis. I'd like to be added as well.

#8 Posted by DataSchmuck (3 posts) -

Please add me:


When I log in will I have my old character from SE 49 or have they all been wiped clean?


#9 Posted by GS_Dan (1433 posts) -

Sounds pretty awesome :)

I'd like to be added: GS_Dan

#10 Posted by DataSchmuck (3 posts) -

Nevermind, I got added already, thank you!. And for those that are curious, you start clean.

#11 Posted by Turhaya (81 posts) -

I'm Turhaya. I'd love to join, if only to have a secondary character to play when my IRL friends aren't available for our regular posse. How would I join it directly?

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I'd like to be added! My name is Max.  

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@Turhaya: Use DayZ Commander or some other launcher to find the server. Just search for DayZ Banana. Added.

@captain_max707: Added.

@GS_Dan: @Ongargis: Added

#14 Posted by YOUNGLINK (586 posts) -

Your server sounds exactly what i'm looking for. My character literally just died because of hackers. Anyways I would love to join up. Im YOUNG LINK in the game.

#15 Posted by Twisted_Scot (1193 posts) -

Been meaning to give this game a shot. Add me as "Twisted Scot" if you would be so kind.

#16 Posted by captain_max707 (537 posts) -

I saw someone in a ghillie just standing by Balota. Their name was Deptic, and I know this only because I could inspect his apparently dead body. So, I took the stuff he had. Just want to say that if Deptic is in fact still alive, and wants his stuff, let me know :(

#17 Posted by Masin (141 posts) -

i'll give it a go, sounds awesome. Masin is the name.... and well, I don't really have a game. Just add me

#18 Posted by Bongsi (5 posts) -

all i can say is AWSOME ! oh... and hi of course !

my friends are a bit lazy so i just post theyr names also in my post :P

so the names i would like to get on that nice lill whitelist are: Vortex, Domovoy, Roman, Habasch, Kaiser

and thx for your effort guys ;)

#19 Edited by squadron_2 (9 posts) -

Me and my friends would like to be added as well. We are tired of all hackers. Didn't know if they had to make accounts here as well to reply. But I'll write all of our in-game names.







Kind regards!

#20 Posted by Loafsmooch (472 posts) -

Awesome! Being from Sweden this server sounds perfect to me. Ingame name is Loaf.

It's weird though, I've been playing almost every day now for over a month and have only been affected by a hacker once. I always play on swedish, norwegian or uk servers. Guess I've just been extremely lucky.

#21 Posted by Wolfrum_920 (111 posts) -

This sounds like an awesome idea. Playing Day Z with like-minded folks? Sign me up! In Game- Aseph

#22 Posted by CrazyBagMan (886 posts) -

This sounds like a great idea. If you'd be willing to add me, I go by Doctor.

#23 Posted by DANWALD (2 posts) -

Sounds awesome having these kind of servers to prevent those filthy players!

Ingame Name: DANKO

#24 Posted by Moztacular (525 posts) -
@RIDEBIRD: sign me up
in game name : moz
Thanks to you and your friend for this
#25 Edited by RIDEBIRD (1252 posts) -

Everyone added. Seeing as I have nothing to go on wether you're a an allright player or not, please note that we do have a very active community on Reddit here and hackers and quitters get reported and banned instantly :)

Enjoy the server and feel free to use the public mumble,, to chat with other players.

#26 Posted by Bongsi (5 posts) -

@RIDEBIRD: thx mate, and yep i alrdy saw the rules, thats why we wanna play here ;)

so see you ingame... about mumble im not sure probably if anyone of us feels lonely :D but basicly we playin and talking friends only

main reason is that at least two of my friends not talking english anyways ! so thx and see you hopefully in a min or two.... no wait first ill grap a weapon ;)

#27 Edited by Didrik (2 posts) -

Hi! I actually only registered on this forum to write in this thread. So, I know it might seem a bit suspicious for a total newbie to ask to get added to the whitelist... but hopefully, you add me anyway. :)

I'm from Sweden and I've seen your server lurk on the top of my server list due to the really low ping!

In-game name: Amy

#28 Posted by ProPain (2 posts) -

I doubt you are the only one who registred just for this, Didrik. =)

#29 Posted by squadron_2 (9 posts) -

My other friend would also like too join the server. :)

In-game name: Apaxx

#30 Posted by Bongsi (5 posts) -
#31 Posted by Bollard (6519 posts) -

Damn just when I was thinking of joining you guys, the server blows up. Best of luck fixing it.

#32 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1252 posts) -

Yeah, unfortunately the server seriously almost blew up, a long with the hosts other stuff. We had a serious thunderstorm here and he got incredibly unlucky :(

#33 Edited by squadron_2 (9 posts) -

DAMN! Good luck and hope he gets it sorted, and ill be here waiting for that day to come. :)

#34 Edited by Turhaya (81 posts) -


@Turhaya: Use DayZ Commander or some other launcher to find the server. Just search for DayZ Banana. Added.

Ah, thank you so much for that tip! DayZ Commander is soooo much sexier than the Six Launcher/Updater. Found it straight away before it blew up. Hope it's fixed soon! Thanks again!

#35 Posted by ApeGantz (231 posts) -

My name ingame is ".Gantz."

Im super friendly...

#36 Edited by Foolproof (2 posts) -

Sounds great. Not sure what my ping would be but I am in eastern US name is Foolproof. Hope you get the server back up and working

#37 Posted by Explo (5 posts) -


my squad changed their mind. Cheaters, serverhoppers and ghoster kill any joy in this game.

Please whitelist us:






#38 Edited by Azteck (7416 posts) -

A server hosted in Sweden with high moderation? Count me the fuck in! In-game name is Azteck

EDIT: So wait, is the server down or are the Reddit posts just way old?

#39 Posted by Explo (5 posts) -
#40 Edited by RIDEBIRD (1252 posts) -


Adding new folks.

edit: Added all I think, please reply if you cant get in.

#41 Edited by Explo (5 posts) -

thank you.Now you will have some hardcore-dayz-junkies on your server :D

edit: is there a forum about stuff going on at the server? Like Oliver and Frank Beans dying 2 sec ago...

moar edit: Will hotfix be installed today?

so much questions... ;(

#42 Edited by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

I've played for reals three times and have encountered a hacker each time. A closed community is probably the best thing for this game. My character's name is Ty and I've been looking for a safe place to get into and learn the game when it becomes convenient. 
I fail to see how server hopping is such a detriment though, especially since the game is terrible at explaining anything within it or the included documentation, thus encouraging such activity.
edit: Would it be better to choose a more unique name? In one of the three games I've played, I already ran into another Ty.

#43 Posted by Zidane_24 (750 posts) -

Private server sounds like just what I need. In-game name is Dark DJ, if that matters.

#44 Posted by Explo (5 posts) -

Pls also add:



#45 Posted by squadron_2 (9 posts) -

All my friends didnt get whitelisted.

In game name.



#46 Posted by Stimraug (3 posts) -

Would like to play on this server, whitelist me and my friend, please. In-game names: Stimraug and NymThePseudo. Thank you.

#47 Posted by Dr_Zed (2 posts) -

Love the game, hate the hackers.. please add me as well: Dr Zed

#48 Posted by Grimhild (762 posts) -

I applaud this. I'm also kind of done with DayZ at this point, though lol But I'm glad this is happening. If they added some other sort of long term goal like restoring/fortifying towns with a group of people, I'd be all over it again.

#49 Posted by b00tableByte (28 posts) -

Please add me. I am tired of losing my character to hackers when I have dedicated so many hours to have it wiped in .2 seconds. In game: Jeepers.Sweeperz

#50 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1252 posts) - - forum. Added all here now.

I'd also like to say that I won't be adding more from here, just please use the official whitelist thread on the reddit. Or is there some way I can track this thread and get notifications when there's a new post..?

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