DayZ Banana non-hive server - no haxxors allowed

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#51 Posted by Bollard (5931 posts) -

@RIDEBIRD: Sadly, no. If you had made it a blog post you automatically get notificaitons every time someone replies, however as it's just a forum thread you could ask everyone to @ reply you and then you would get notifications.

Also, I forgot to add my in game name when I posted before (I don't have a Reddit account sorry) is Chavtheworld. (It uses the profile name for Whitelisting right?)

#52 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1234 posts) -

@Chavtheworld: Added. But yeah, to communicate about the server and to know server status (been down yesterday and today due to internet malfunction), just use reddit. Creating an account takes 10 seconds.

#53 Posted by Bollard (5931 posts) -

@RIDEBIRD: You guys have a Mumble right? I'll totally join in on that - and thanks!

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#56 Posted by Bongsi (4 posts) -

Hi again :D and great to see the server is running again !

i got some other friends for the whitelist: Monkey83, Wurflet, Sam, Inacio

well inacio is at holidays for another 4 to 5 weeks but im sure he will join after ;p

thx and cya

#57 Posted by Stimraug (2 posts) -

Sorry to still post this again here, I know you said no more additions, but I'd still plead you to add "Sturmraug" my IRL friend who just happily bought the game and wishes for a hacker free experience! Thanks in advance, whether the answer is yes or no.

#58 Posted by Golden_Dancer (1 posts) -

Id love to play on this server too cause i dont like this hoppers, disconnecters and hackers.

Hope to see you on server soon ... but oly if your not bandit :D

Ingame name: Golden Dancer

#59 Posted by Korwind (1 posts) -

Me and my friends are looking for exactly what ur offering... If possible and room still available please add me and friends.. In-game name is Korwind, friends are Bobby, Blade, Gidaika, Tulim, Anthony and Mike

#60 Posted by Voldy (96 posts) -

I have some friends on this server I'd like to join with, in game name is the same. Cheers

#61 Posted by Skytylz (4042 posts) -

I think my in game name is "Not Spencer" , anyways thanks for adding me if you do and hopefully people are a little friendlier on this server since it's not public.

#62 Posted by Zecracker (1 posts) -

@RIDEBIRD: In-game name - Zecracker

Would love to join this community.

#63 Posted by Tis_rnd (1 posts) -

hey! Me and my friends are very tired of cheaters. We changed a lot of servers, has been killed from grenade launchers, auto-aimers, wallhackers, teleporters.. even from anti-aircraft. I made a lot of support requests about that, but seems to be that no one cares..

We are nice guys, like to play vanilla DayZ as it is and take all the fun. Can group with someone or just make high quality pvp.

Our names: Jel, Mr.Black, Kestrel, Tereha

Thanks, and cu on the fields!

#64 Edited by mike188 (1 posts) -

Hi, i would like to join ur community i prefer private servers for more expiriance in gaming and no hax !!

My in game nick Mikey

And my friends nick bst

#65 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1234 posts) -

Added all active Giant Bomb members and a few 1 post dudes that phrased their posts like adults (like Tis_rnd and Zecracker). From now on - only active bombers. If not, please visit the Reddit page instead.

#66 Posted by Superdevil1332 (2 posts) -

hey can i join your server ive died plenty of times due to hackers im getting tierd of it, my ingame name is Luis

p.s. this is the first time ive done somthing like this so please respond

#67 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1234 posts) -

@Superdevil1332: There is a post right above you. You could've read it.

#68 Posted by Superdevil1332 (2 posts) -

@RIDEBIRD: oh thx lmao

#69 Posted by captain_max707 (499 posts) -

I haven't been able to join the server in a while because it seems to be out of date. Is there any way around this?

#70 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

I know you said that you'll only let in active bombers and people from the reddit thread, but I was hoping you could whitelist a friend of mine. He's not really a bomber, and he just lurks reddit but I can vouch for him. He's a cool guy, and like the rest of us kind of sick of having hackers pop up on seemingly every single server you join.

#71 Posted by reijon (1 posts) -

Myself Reijon and my accomplice smisker would love to play with you!

Swedish players and so far we have been pretty friendly and carry lots of soft drink!

Mountain dew for any non bandits we meet! :)

#72 Posted by pEar_ (1 posts) -

Hey there!

My name is [BH] pEar (with a space between [BH] and pEar) and I'd really love to get whitelisted due to the share fact that I'm tired of playing on non-private HIVE servers.

The reason for me actually requesting a whitelist and taking the time to reply here is to simply avoid hackers and so on. I'm a very active DayZ player with over 280 hours of play time. Not only that, but I am a part of a clan that will most likely follow me here (There's already two of us joining, me and Jonesy).

I just really want to play the game in the way it's supposed to be played, meaning no hackers, no server hoppers, no alt+f4'ing cowards and so on.

Thank you for your time and I'll be awaiting a reply/whitelist.

Best regards,


#73 Posted by BH_Jonesy (1 posts) -

Hi there, have I just found a server where I can start to forget about hackers!? Let's hope so!

I'm very interested in getting white listed and as the guy above me said we have a small group of guys who will most likely be following us here too, our activity is great.

My name is [BH] Jonesy, I'll look forward to playing with you guys ;)

#74 Posted by BH_Whatwasit (1 posts) -

Hello, my friends told me about this server and I completely support this idea/server.

We're really interested in joining a server completely free of any hackers/cheaters, over the past time we've been killed quite alot of times by hackers and it starts to piss us off that we can't play the game properly without this problem. I can't think of anything more to say, I just can't wait till I can start playing here.

My in-game name is [BH] Whatwasit, I'm looking forward to hear from you soon!

- Whatwasit

#75 Posted by kushjay (1 posts) -

Hello, I just heard about this private server and I'm really looking forward to joining it, along with my clan, [BH], including pEar, Jonesy & Whatwasit. I play DayZ every day, so I'm active, and I'm just sick and tired of all the cheaters and so on and this would be great to play on.

My name is [BH] kushjay (space between [BH] and kushjay). I really hope I get whitelisted.

Thanks alot!

#76 Posted by rubieruben (1 posts) -

@RIDEBIRD said: - forum. Added all here now.

I'd also like to say that I won't be adding more from here, just please use the official whitelist thread on the reddit. Or is there some way I can track this thread and get notifications when there's a new post..?

so check out the reddit site if you still want to join because he aint tracking this

#77 Posted by OwnCore (1 posts) -

Sweet man, to many hackers play this game. Add me, my ingame name is Cole

#78 Edited by jimmyjimbdo (1 posts) -

I'd love to be white listed,

O and my in game name is just James

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