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This will be a forum for you to tell your stories in DayZ. I'll start.

So, the other day, I logged in after being killed. I spawned somewhere in the wilderness. After a few minutes, I found a hatchet, a Makarov, but no ammo. I walked around for awhile and noticed a guy with a DMR with his back turned. He was bleeding profusely. I hid and used my microphone to communicate with him. I told him that I was friendly and would give him a blood transfusion in exchange for ammo. He agreed. I approached him, he turned to me, and I buried my hatchet in his head. I'm a horrible person.

Your turn.

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i haven't played it

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I have 3 stories. Ill put them in a spoiler thing so as not to take up too much space.

Also while I wouldn't point it out. This is a lot of stuff to read so it may shine threw. I am Dyslexic so be kind.

I myself was surviving with a hatchet for a while, until I came across an airport. I knew good stuff was there...except a sniper was on the control tower keeping an eye out. I kept low until my time to move came.

I was sure he had left and saw a one or two other people running around scared from zombies with no weapons. Saw no one so I explored the control tower, nothing of course it had been looted needed to check.

I come down and start carefully walking into a hangar hatchet ready to swing, its all quiet. I see something shuffle underneath a body "A person?"

It was, he shuffled prone a little I look at him what felt like a minute I was about to open my mouth and talk on voice chat saying "Hey Bro, Ill leave you if you leave me....ok?" before I could say that. BLAM BLAM BLAM!! pistol shots up the side of body. He started reloading.

I ran at him axe in hand and strafed around him hacking away at his body and head. He got a few more shots into me as I kept hacking. All the time on the voice chat I am shouting at him.

"Didn't need to come to this bro! I was gonna leave you man! This is your fault Bro! I didn't wanna do this!" As he flopped over I continued saying him "Shouldn't have shot'd be alive man! YOU HEAR ME!!"

Out of rage and to make sure he wasn't just unconscious I hacked at his still bleeding body to make sure he wasn't going to get up.

Another time.

In the middle of trying to find friends after spawn. I found a hatchet and the world seemed so much better. 20 odd minutes of running by the coast.

Bang! A shot...missed...I moved..bang!!! missed again. I look to my left keep moving, I spot him prone on a very very small hill 1 minute run. I then duck and hit behind a small hill...I then decided something. "I have an axe! I am not going to just lay down and take this!!!"

So I jumped up and weaved towards him as he shot, he only had a pistol. I am now shouting on voice chat, "You made a mistake mate! Am coming to get you!" he shoots misses, saw him reload and just ran straight for him. I shout "Should have just left me and let me walk past! I didnt see you! Your dead now!" He got up and ran.

I chased him down axe in hand. He would spin round, fire off a few shots missing as usual.

"You made a big mistake!! Im going to kill you mate!! Your balls are mine!! I am going to eat them!!!!!! You stupid idiot!!!" I hit him a few times, then we came to a town full of zombies,

"You have a choice now boy!! Me or the zombies!! either way one of us is going to eat your corpse!! YOUR HEAD IS MINE!!!" so he does a U turn.

So now I am chasing him...and zombies are chasing me. "You could have just left me! but no! Your dead now mate!!!" He spins round and shoots missed, I get a few hits into him. He is now bleeding, he spins then shoots, hits me twice. I am now bleeding. However I am still running for him. He spins round I hit him twice and he hits me twice.

I fall down dead. However I saw him fall down dead as well! Bleeding out and zombies wouldn't have helped him.

So he didn't profit. Think its time put it down that pistol vs hatchet dosnt work out as nicely for the pistol wielder as they may hope.

And my first true Adventure.

I spawned in a area I know nothing about. Daytime and so wondered into an industrial area to scavenge found a hatchet, fought some zombies bled alot and moved on. Found a city not far and started stealthy going about it.

Bunch of gear and a zombie chase later I get stuck on a roof. Good news it had a medical package and filled to the brim with morphine and blood bags!

I needed blood....and I couldnt figure out how to use I took some morphine and started to figure a way down. I went up one more ladder...something went wrong. I slipped and fell, broke a leg

No matter I crawled over to the medical box and jacked up on morphine. After 20 minutes I could run. Nows my time to escape, the Zombies are still at the foot of my ladder.

Flash backs to thinking this has happened alot in my past, so they threw flares.....nope they dont care for flares. I came up with a plan smoke grenade to mask my escape and run. Threw it...they went for it. I climbed down and ran off the smoke was perfect for them.

I ran into a house and settled down. Some zombies found me I hacked them till they fell. now on 3000 blood...not so great. raided the building and found a m1911. Escaped that building went into another. I drank a pepsi...out of my 8 cola cans.

Found an Alice pack and moved on. I was chased by a zombie into a shop and I shot it. Walked around some more got some gear. Turned into a room....a man laying prone.....pointing a double barrel shotgun at me.

I couldn't help myself...I PANICKED! I started shooting him with my pistol we were just feet apart and the shot gun was in my face. I ran up and strafed him...what did he do? THREW FLARES AT ME!!

I dont know if he had the wrong things in hand...or he was trying to say friendly....but I murdered him!....didnt even take his nice Lee enfield was across from him. I must have spooked him when I shot that zombie.

I moved on and found a third building. Started to get plans to settle up and camp in a house.

I then decided to move on out of town. a few zombie chases later....I was stuck on a roof again. After a few attempts at killing the zombies I found a second ladder...they still found me but I had a head start.

Ran in too fields with 8 zombies on me. I found some buildings and weaved lost some. I then look round and I see more and one? IS a player! I then shouted in voice chat "What are you doing behind me Bro!?" He replied "Behind you? I am faster than you" and then sped on infront of me.

Take zero zombies with him and leaving them all with me. He had no weapons and I was tempted to shoot him in the leg and let him lag behind into the horde behind us.

I didnt do that. We spoke a little before we split off and I never saw him again....unfortunately..because I was gonna lead the horde to him and shoot his legs out....

I ran into some hills and forests for another 10 mins. three zombies left. I decided to take them all out and I did. I found a nice little set of warehouses. I scoped them out i heard noises like someone was opening doors. I hid in a corner. nothing for 10 mins then a keel over KOed........ got up.

Nothing happened a few zombies knew I was in here but couldnt get in. Then I had to use my last 3 shots. Because 2 zombies walked through the closed door. I was going to barricade the doors with the wire spools I found. So I ran.

Opened a door and ran. I ran across a field, and airfield was ahead. I know people like airfields. Maybe someone has set up shop there? They might shoot me or not. I just wanted to go there. I ran with 4 zombies on me.

Then flop....I fell unconscious again.....they caught up to me and ate me.

I still feel sorry for that guy i just murdered...and maybe I should have done something with that guy running with me. I mean a nice thing. Oh well time to try again.

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I can't get into a game. Can't tell if my computer just isn't good enough or what. Wish I could though, because it looks fantastic.

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Once upon a time I was walking one day and, magically, gravity stopped working for a moment. All the people in the land were lifted into the sky and, shortly thereafter, dropped to their deaths.

The End

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Spoilering it to save space as well. The game is good, but it's much better with other people to talk to. I really hate how the Global and Side channels have been removed in the latest update.

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Currently their central servers are being attacked on and off with ddos. That might have something to do with it. It's also still in alpha so it's still pretty buggy, and the core game itself is pretty buggy as well. Some of my friends get terrible FPS lag on certain servers but not others.

I'm actually taking a break from it right now since there's not really a whole lot to it after you go through the motions, so I'm waiting for the next patch. I think it has enormous potential, but as of now it's basically turning into a buggy griefing deathmatch, as the OP illustrates. After you get kitted up substantially, there's really nothing else to do since there's no real objective or goal, and most players will just try to kill you for what you have, since that's basically the 'end game' at this point. Ergo, everyone basically just starts to shoot everyone else on sight, which I've become guilty of and decided I didn't like perpetuating that style of play, since griefing isn't really what I want to do in my leisure time. If that's your thing, then have at it.

If they add something like occupying towns or forts to rebuild that takes the effort of several individuals, then I'd be much more inclined to jump back in.

I got separated from Gage and Josh. This is our story of reuniting... after they quit dicking around on their bikes.

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I once got shot while hiding in a building and changing my graphics settings.

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I just started playing the other day, so I'm still learning how to survive effectively, but this game is definitely interesting. I'm very interested in seeing where it ends up going. Right now all I am really good at is getting a crowd of zombies to chase me and then leading them to other, better equipped, players. Also bleeding, I'm a pro at bleeding.

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@Asok: I could never do that...
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Was just playing a few minutes ago.

I started my most recent life just outside of Cherno, near an industrial complex by the water. I spent about 45 minutes creeping past zombies on the docks there until I made it into the city properly.

I was taking it very slowly, having no real supplies beyond painkillers and one bandage, which obviously wouldn't save me if I got cornered or attracted the attention of a zed in a populated area. After each ten or twenty meters, I would stop and sit very, very still, examining everything around me. Watching for other players, zeds who hadn't been moving much, buildings I could enter that I hadn't noticed, whatever. Eventually I made it to one of the larger lootable houses, so I crept inside in the same slow, diligent manner. There wasn't all that much inside. Some firewood, empty cans and tins. But one Makarov. And one magazine of ammunition. I figured it was good enough to protect me if I got into a bad situation, at least. Enough to take down a couple of zeds, or with my aim, one player if I really had to.

Then I hunkered down in the first floor hallway to change a key binding. As I finished, I started hearing the easily distinct noises of another survivor. He wasn't being nearly as careful as I had been. He clunked along audibly, either not aware or not afraid of the zeds in the area. And then I heard him enter the house. At this point I started panicking. I had a loaded gun and ammunition and another person who was going to be standing in front of me, possibly armed himself in about six seconds, judging from the rate he was checking the rooms. So I settled down, the noise of me going prone on the floor covered by his noisy investigation.

And when he came up the stairs, I shot him twice. He didn't drop. He darted into the next room and I could hear him collapsing on the floor. I didn't know whether he was unconscious or just waiting for me to follow up on it. So I didn't budge. I waited a few seconds. And then I heard him start to bandage himself. So I got up into a crouch, spun around the corner and unloaded the rest of the magazine into him. He died pretty quickly, but he was obviously prepared. He managed to shoot me once. I bandaged myself up and started darting through his belongings. A crowbar. A hunting knife. Canned food. Sodas. A compass and map. Ten clips worth of revolver ammunition and the gun itself. A bigger backpack. Medical supplies. He had obviously been at this for a while. Or had just done the same thing I had.

I didn't contemplate, I just bolted from the house as soon as I had all his stuff. About thirty meters away, I fell into prone again and stopped to check if any zombies had noticed. I didn't see any coming towards me, so I stayed prone and crawled. For an hour and a half out of the city. I passed a big warehouse on the way out, with the sound of a revving engine coming from inside the complex. I didn't know why, or what they intended to accomplish, but I didn't try to find out. I just kept crawling. Past a street full of zombies (I didn't notice I was holding my breath until I cleared it) and out into the woods to the north. The paranoia I felt while I was fleeing the scene was really something I've never experienced before in a game. I felt iron sights on my back all the way out of the city. I hadn't stopped to think about the guy I killed or how much effort he had put into gathering his supplies.

I mean, hey. I killed him. I'm a murderer.

But I'm alive.
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Arma combined ops better go on sale during steam so I can try this

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I chopped a dude on top of a lighthouse and stole his stuff

On the BRIGHT SIDE (GET IT, LIGHTHOUSE!?!?!? HAHA !??!?/2) it was a nice view.

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I recommend you watch DaSquirrelsNuts' channel on YouTube - he has a fantastic DayZ series going.

They take everything quite methodically and with some thought, the way I'd like to think the game is meant to be approached.

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Was pillaging the northwest airfield, feeling all good about myself having all the necessary items for survival + a FN FAL and a 1911.

Saw a sheep on the landing strip and I was almost out of food. I knew it's dangerous to go out into the open in that airfield (it's a killing field) but I decided to try my luck and gut the sheep for food. Shot it dead with one bullet from my trusty sidearm and all of a sudden I was being shot at by something that sounded like a fucking cannon. I started sprinting like a mothafucka in sicksack while the sniper kept firing from a small hill nearby. He stopped firing a few shots later, he was either reloading or I ran out of sight. Decided I'm gonna try to take the fucker out so I ran around the hill and flanked him. The stupid son of a bitch was still looking down at the sheeps direction when I put a burst in him from my FAL. Went to loot his corpse and couldn't believe my eyes. He had a M107 sniper and a silenced M9 with plenty of ammo, THREE(!) sets of nightvision goggles & rangefinders and a GPS. He must've been out there for a long time and killed plenty of people to get that kind of gear.

Can't believe a noob like me on my 2nd day of DayZ outplayed him :D

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Just got Day Z and man is it fun!

-- So I was on a good streak, I've been alive for 2 days and just found a double barrel shotgun and some rounds for it. At this point I had fled up into the forest from being chased by zombies. I didn't have any food so I figured I'd go down to the coast and find a city. I did find a city by the coast and was searching for supplies. The situation got pretty intense when I was surrounded by zombies in the middle of the city, I figured I'd crawl out from the hot zone. I then hear a shuffling sound behind a fence and then see an unarmed player, and she clearly was new to the game. I called "Friendly behind you" and she got her bearings. Since she was unarmed and not a threat we quickly teamed up because she needed to get the fuck out of dodge as much as I did. So I quickly took responsibility over her and it felt alittle like the last of us, where you got this close to helpless girl who follows me and I have to protect her. That made what happened next extra painful.

We got out of that city and were quickly headed to the next city. We found a big multi-floored building in an industrial complex, and there didn't seem to be any zombies near. Just outside we found 2 player bodies and plenty of dead zombies, it was clear that they had been overrun. We searched the building, still no food, and I was getting hungry. We were up on the roof when we decided to go down a ladder that went directly to the ground, my companion somehow lost her footing (probably some bug) so she fell from the roof to the ground and broke her legs. I quickly tried to get down to her using the stairs instead, when I ran I could hear her screaming from pain and I heard several zombies started to swarm her. When I got down to ground floor there were 7-10 zombies around her and I only had 4 rounds in my shotgun. I had to sit and watch helplessly as she got beaten to death by the zombies screaming. I knew that even if I could somehow lead the zombies from her, she was too hurt and we did not have enough medical supplies, she was dead in any case. After she died I crawled away from the kill zone, never looking back. --

Day Z is awsome

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My first time with Day Z ended with a kid holding rifle at me. Telling me to get down in his pre-puberty voice. I knew i was dead, cause nothing good can come from a kid with a gun, and certainly not one telling you to get down like he is the king of the fucking sever. So i stared at him for a second, slowly turned around and walked into the street, where he shot me in the back.

From what i can gather Day Z has turned into the wild fucking west, or more like a slow game of Death Match.

I wish i played it before it caught on like wildfire. I bet it was more fun then.

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I've not played it myself but I watched the guys at Yogscast play it and it was fucking hilarious.

How many people can a server take?

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@pornstorestiffi: An update a while ago took out the Global and Side chat channels, so with no way to communicate except via Direct Communication (or something like TeamSpeak, but then you'd have friends with you), everyone basically shoots on sight. There's a reason why I gear up first and then just go off into the wilderness and try to stay away from everyone, and try to join low-population servers.

Edit: @BrainSonata: The highest I've seen is a population cap of 50.
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@Capum15 said:

@pornstorestiffi: An update a while ago took out the Global and Side chat channels, so with no way to communicate except via Direct Communication (or something like TeamSpeak, but then you'd have friends with you), everyone basically shoots on sight. There's a reason why I gear up first and then just go off into the wilderness and try to stay away from everyone, and try to join low-population servers.

Edit: @BrainSonata: The highest I've seen is a population cap of 50.

I'm new to Day Z i have no clue about where weapons are. So my natural instinct was just to explore and to survive, which in the end got me killed by human interaction. But i will try to join low-pop servers in the future.

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@pornstorestiffi: Honestly, weapons spawn in quite a lot of places, but I can see what you mean. I watched quite a few videos before I started playing so I generally knew what buildings to look for.

And yeah, low-pop servers are probably your best bet to get used to the game.
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Is there crossbows in this game?

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@BrainSonata: Yes, there are Crossbows. The bolts take up an inventory slot each though, but they're silent and, provided you can find them after firing, you can pick them back up. They can drop a zombie in one headshot or (seemingly) two body shots.
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@BrainSonata: Yes, there are Crossbows. The bolts take up an inventory slot each though, but they're silent and, provided you can find them after firing, you can pick them back up. They can drop a zombie in one headshot or (seemingly) two body shots.
Fucking awesome. Shame the game/mod is currently so glitchy.
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@BrainSonata: Yeah they seem alright, though once when I killed a zombie in some grass I couldn't find the bolt, and it was my last one.

Honestly, I'd rather stick with Melee weapons (quiet) and sidearm until I came across a silent gun (which are insanely hard to find, at least for me). I ended up having to use my Lee Enfield in a barn near Msta a while ago, I ended up killing about 25-30 zombies in there. When you fire something more than a pistol, it draws in a crazy amount of zombies. The downside of a hatchet is that you need to be pretty close to hit a zombie with it.
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Came across another survivor. I initiated a friendly hop, then proceeded to salute the dude. He opened fire. I sprinted around a corner and hid in a bush. I watched him circle the area, trying to find me. As he turned his back I made my move. I got the fuck out of that bush, only for this dude to chase me down and gun me down. 
This other time I climbed onto the roof of a building while being chased by zombies. There were about seven or so below. I threw a flare for help. A few minutes later this guy runs out, guns down the zombies and climbs up onto the roof. I salute him for his heroic acts. He then guns me down. 
I love this game.

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Loving this game also, check out my diary DayZ playlist (all the videos are pretty short)

#28 Posted by Breadfan (6590 posts) -

Got chased by a group of armed survivors. One of them was blasting Little Richard through his microphone. It was the scariest moment I have ever experienced.

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On my first day playing, a guy in a group that my friend got me into and I were going through Cherno. We were doing a bit of Scaving and he was showing me the ropes. Out by the market, we see a guy running from a huge horde of zombies so we followed, shouted friendly, and helped him in the firefight. As soon as that was over, the guy started shouting something in french at me and tried shooting me. I managed to get out of the market without being hit. Then the guy starts shouting in english, "Don't shoot, don't shoot!" I walked back in slowly, aimed, and executed him.

This whole game is like some sort of crazy social experiment. It reminds me of something the Joker says in The Dark Knight. "These civilized people. When the chips are down, they'll eat each other." I fucking love it!

Also this crazy thing happened to somebody which seems awful and cool all at the same time:

Seriously, fucking love this game!

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As much as I enjoy the game, it really is disappointing just how much it has turned into kill anyone that walks past you. I've played for about 2 weeks now and have yet to encounter anyone who doesn't shoot on sight. I've heard such great stories about people teaming up too.

#31 Posted by class009 (1 posts) -

Ive met plenty of people that havent shot right away, still love the danger of an encounter and the relief of meeting another friendly.

By the way, for stories from the game check out

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Today I joined a small server to avoid players who like to kill folks. In my previous play through I was in an industrial mill with a Makarov as my weapon. While crawling through I noticed that there was another player around my area also crawling. The place was swarming with zombies so I messaged him and asked if he needed help. I received no reply, so I did it two other times. Still nothing so I decided to move on. While in FPS mode I see my screen shake and my character yells. I quickly switch out to TP mode and this fucker is axeing me to death. I was so pissed man...

Its all good tho, he aggro'ed around 5 zombies so im sure he died lol.

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