DayZero Private, Whitelisted dayz server

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Hello everybody. Many of you know of the server called Dayzbanana. That server closed down and I took over it and it is now called DayZero, the server has finally had it's reopening. :) And I would love it if as many players as possible would join.

The server is running a custom software witch gives me allot more control over the server than before and its also running a custom whitelist software. What this means is that I can decide who gets in on the server, and I can kick and ban hackers from the server as I please. This means that the DayZ dev team does not have to ban hackers to get them off my server. Please note that this does not mean that this is an illegal server in any way - it's just not connected to the main DayZ hive.

Since it's a private hive you will get a new character on this server - but you retain your old one on regular servers. That means there are no server hoppers either, and there is a higher chance to find vehicles on this server as they aren't hoarded by hackers instantly and the vehicle count has been raised. The server will also wipe vehicle positions once a week to keep everything fresh.

The whole goal with this servers is to promote fair play, so if you're up for that, please visit the community at Groups of survivors, bandits or not, you are highly welcome, but hackers will be instabanned as the server has very active admins. The server is hosted in Sweden and has low ping to pretty much all of Europe, but americans are of course welcome as well.

TLDR: Private server to exclude hoppers and haxxors, visit the community at if your interested. Rules: No hacking. NO disconnecting from combat! (from people or zombies.) Other than those two, go nuts. Kill people or just survive, it's your call.

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